Wednesday, May 20

Omelet fun at work!

Today to celebrate the end of the academic year, our boss had some of the dining staff cook us made to order omelets this morning at work. Here are a couple of fun pictures from today! It was a nice treat!

Omelet station!

More goodies!

Ryan & the westside staff!

Saturday, May 16

Happy Graduation Day Noel!

Yesterday was a busy day of students moving out--but we couldn't miss stopping by my good friend Noel's graduation party! She is graduating today with her phD and we are so excited for her!!! We came late to the party because we had to work late--but we were glad to say a quick hello and meet Noel's parents! Noel had on a beautiful pink shirt--so cute and here is me in my Hawkeye work clothes :)!

Friday, May 15

Packing up!

Today is the last day of finals at the University of Iowa--many students are packing up and heading home today and the rest will be leaving tomorrow. Ryan has been busy closing down the hall that he directs. Here is a picture of Ryan with his RA staff--they are a great group of student leaders!!

Thursday, May 14

Graduation, Stress & the Magic Bullet!

My good friend Noel is graduating with her phD this weekend, and this is the cute gift I found for her--I hope she likes it!

Work has been super stressful lately--so stressful, I went to the doctor yesterday and had a pinched nerve in my neck due to all of the stress I've been carrying around! So, I've decided I need to de-stress! Tonight Ryan and I are going on a walk and I found this great craft with a quote from Mother Teresa which helps to keep things in perspective! I found it at Hallmark!

We recently bought a Magic Bullet and we are enjoying healthy shakes! Our favorite is ice, bananna, strawberries and a splash of oj. It tastes great, is cold and a lot healthier than a DQ blizzard! Although those are good too!!

Wednesday, May 13

After 8 1/2 years of marriage finally our Honeymoon!

We are finally going to have a vacation and our Honeymoon! We booked a cruise 7 day cruise on Carnival legand ship leaving Sunday, May 24-May 31! We leave from Tampa, FL and will visit Grand Cayman/Cayman Islands, Belize City, Belize and Roatan, Honduras. We are excited to see these new places, meet some nice people and enjoy all of the fun activities on board--they have different shows, bingo, games, etc all throughout the day while at sea!

Next week I will send a web link that will allow our friends and family to track the ship while we are gone--it is a really neat feature!

I will need lots of prayer--because I think it may be a little scarry on our days at sea (3 total during the stops) to not see land in sight!! So start praying now for some calm nerves!!!!!

Grand Cayman!

Belize City

Roatan, Honduras

Tuesday, May 12

Trivia, rock band, & fun

Saturday night we went to dinner with some good friends at a Agusta's in Oxford, IA It is a very fun place--home cooked food--it is operated by a family who moved up to Iowa after the hurricane in New Orleans, so they have many southern dishes--which were great.

After dinner a group of 8 of us played trivia at a local high school as a fundraiser for the girls basketball team and theater group. Our team won 3rd overall--and won $80, which we all decided to give back to the fundraiser! Here are a couple of my friends and trivia teammates--Bill and Wolfgang.

As we were leaving the high school, which my friend Erin teaches at, she informed us that Ashton Kutcher graduated from the high school in 1996!! Sure enough--here is his picture, far right--middle. He has a different first name (Christopher).

After trivia--we went to our Greg & Erin's for some Rock Band--here is Ryan on the drums and Greg, Erin, and Bill (don't they all look so serious)!! I played the drums and the guitar--it was a lot of fun!

Tonight we ate at the Iowa Power River company--which is right by the river. We asked for a window seat so we could watch the fisherman and the water.

Got my hair cut last week--here is my new hair!

Thursday, May 7

Balanced Perspective

A wise woman from my church sent this to me in an email today and I thought it was perfect timing!

It's about keeping a balanced perspective: "Memorize a few statistics and then emblazon them on your frontal lobe to arm yourself against the onslaught of gloom: 1) During the Great Depression the jobless rate jumped to 25 percent. We have yet to reach 10 percent in this current go round. 2) Bank failures wiped out the life savings of millions of people—not hedge funds or risky investment. To date, not one person has ever lost a nickel in an FDIC-insured bank account, and 3) Some 44 percent of all mortgages were delinquent by 1934, compared with about 5 percent today." - from Mary Hunt's Debt-Proof Living

Monday, May 4

The Shack

I normally read on the bus ride to work--it is about 10 minutes of good reading time. This morning I started reading "The Shack". I read it last summer and it is life changing--I highly recommend this book. I could not put it down last summer! If you read the book--make sure you read the forward, as it explains the back story. Let me know if you'd read it or are planning to! I'll write more about it later!

Sunday, May 3

BBQ, 80s & Running

It has been a while since I've posted. Thought I would catch up on the last couple of weekends!

Last weekend, we had our annual leadership banquet for student leaders in residence life and Ryan was the host. It was an 80s themed banquet--it was so cute to see all of the students dressed up. Here is Ryan in a white jacket--so 80s!

Here is a picture of Ryan on the stage.

Ryan celebrated his 31st birthday last weekend and his parents met us for lunch on his birthday in Illinois--here are the Cohenour's--Larry, Linda & Ryan.

We are having LOTS of BBQs as the students wrap up their freshman year at Univ of Iowa! Yesterday I went to a BBQ for the east side students and played this basketball game with Amy, one of the Hall Coordinators. She beat me easily--but I gave it a good try. You have to pull your opponent and try to make a basket at the same time. It was fun--everyone got a good laugh at our attempts!

This morning I ran in the Ronald McDonald 5K with Girls on the Run--this is a running group that encourages health and fitness for young girls. Here is me and Rosie crossing the finish line--she sprinted for most of the race and I trailed behind her, I finally caught up to her at the end so we could finish together--we finished in 40 minutes (run/walking).

Here is Rosie and me at the wrap up event this morning!

Well--I'm off to another BBQ--Ryan and his RAs are hosting a BBQ for the students this evening--it is a beautiful evening--so hopefully it will be a great event!