Friday, March 26

A special guest...

Yesterday our campus had a special visitor...President Obama! He spoke at the university and some of my colleagues got tickets to attend! It was fun to hear their stories of the event. We watched the speech on the tv in our office! Here are some great pictures of the event!

Wednesday, March 10

I'm back!

Wow--time has flown by this past month! I have been absent from blogging since life has been so busy--I'll try to keep up more with my blog (to my two faithful readers :)!

Ryan and his RA's participated in the Nearly Naked Mile this weekend, and event to help the Salvation Army--the won the costume contest!! They had so much fun!***I'm having trouble up-loding the photo :(, I'll try to post it later.

The Quad Power Rangers, made up of, from left, Zach Curtis, Laura Formanek, Ryan Cohenour and Danielle Rahja, show of their costumes following the Nearly Naked Mile in Iowa City on Saturday afternoon, March 6, 2010. The event, sponsored by the University of Iowa Alumni Association's Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow Ambassadors, requires participants to donate at least one item of clothing to the Salvation Army.