Thursday, March 31

Ron Swanson & Mini Make Over

Ainsley drew a picture of Ryan today-Ryan said it looked a bit like Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec :).
Today Ains had a routine endo appointment.

Happy girl!

She had to do blood work so she got to pick out a toy at Cracker Barrel. She picked a hair styling kit.

She gave me a mini make over before dinner!

Monday, March 28


Today we met with the special education teachers at our schools district. We wanted to advocate for the best placement for Ains in the school district. They were wonderful and we all agreed since Ainsley's IEP is a few months away from expiring we need to do a re-eval.
Ains will be reevaluated in the next two months.
We got to see the kindergarten room that Ains may be in next year. We saw a sweet young girl with hearing aids-it is exciting to think Ains may have a classmate with hearing aids too!

We celebrated with a trip to Shipley's!

Sunday, March 27


He has risen! Happy Easter! We have so many things to be thankful for-and today we are most thankful for Jesus!
The Easter bunny was at church today! Ryan and I taught in Ainsley's Sunday school class today-it is always sweet to hear the kids learn about Jesus.

Time for the egg hunt! A cold front came through quickly while we were in church so by 10 am it was 15 degrees cooler!! 

This afternoon I did 3 chapters of training for my CASA volunteering training. I told Ains about it and she said she wanted to help kids too. So her new plan is to be a (1) rock star and (2) Court Appointed Special Advocate :)! 

Saturday, March 26

New hearing aids!!

We are so thankful Ains got new hearing aids Thursday! The new technology is amazing!
Dr. Drew her audiologist walked us through all of the new technology! She is such a great teacher! 
A new feature I love are the led lights on her new hearing aids. Now we know her batteries are working.
Dr. Drew surprised us with a microphone and receiver for Ains!! She encouraged us to use it when we are in noisy situations-like the car. There are LoTS of road noises so this new mic has allowed us to communicate directly with Ains. What a gift!!!
The microphone...
We used it in this loud restaurant the other day and it was so helpful!

This "necklace" is a Bluetooth receiver. Ains can talk on the cell phone and hear directly in her ear buds!!

This microphone system was so helpful Saturday at a large Easter egg hunt!
The room filled up quickly and the noise was very loud with the large crowd.

What a true gift! Makes my mama heart happy to be able to connect directly with Ains. 


Ains got an Easter package from Aunt Angie!!
Thanks Angie!!
We went to BB & B to get a new blender and Ainsley made herself right at home!

We went to the grocery store today and stocked up on healthy things! We are excited about being more mindful of our health. I'll write more about this when we are a few days in. 
We got our first watermelon of the year!! Our morning smoothie includes watermelon so we are excited to try that! 
We went to Jamba Juice a few times before we dove into this new smoothie thing :), we all loved them-even Ains!!
We went to Austin Friday-little miss was super tired!
Strong girl!!
Today our neighbors invited us to an Easter egg hunt at their church-it was super fun!