Saturday, March 26

New hearing aids!!

We are so thankful Ains got new hearing aids Thursday! The new technology is amazing!
Dr. Drew her audiologist walked us through all of the new technology! She is such a great teacher! 
A new feature I love are the led lights on her new hearing aids. Now we know her batteries are working.
Dr. Drew surprised us with a microphone and receiver for Ains!! She encouraged us to use it when we are in noisy situations-like the car. There are LoTS of road noises so this new mic has allowed us to communicate directly with Ains. What a gift!!!
The microphone...
We used it in this loud restaurant the other day and it was so helpful!

This "necklace" is a Bluetooth receiver. Ains can talk on the cell phone and hear directly in her ear buds!!

This microphone system was so helpful Saturday at a large Easter egg hunt!
The room filled up quickly and the noise was very loud with the large crowd.

What a true gift! Makes my mama heart happy to be able to connect directly with Ains. 

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