Saturday, June 29

Take me out to the ball game!

Ainsley's first baseball game was lots of fun! She ate lots of popcorn and was featured on the jumbo screen!

Saturday fun

Ainsley had a great visit with Papa Bob & Vicki this week.  This morning Ains was feeling a little run down and Papa Bob had a sore throat so they watched some movies this morning--Nemo & Monsters Inc. 
Ainsley loves her Papa Bob.  
And binkies!
My dad and Vicki headed home this morning. 

Ainsley had fun hanging out with them this week.  Vicki painted Ainsley's toes purple this week and Ainsley thought that was the best!

Thursday, June 27

Fun on the farm-part 2!

Ains has been having a ton of fun on the farm with my dad and Vicki this week! I am headed home from my conference and so excited to see my sweet girl!!

Sunday, June 23

Ears, movie night and farm fun!!!

Every year Ains needs to have a new ear mold made for her hearing aid. We had a new one made last week and picked out a fun pink color. It took 4 grown adults to hold Ains and get the ear mold done. Her audiologist doctor is nothing short of amazing! She explained everything to Ains, involved her in the process and got the mold! She should have the new mold mid-July! You can tell by Ainsley's face she was not excited about the process!
But Minnie helped the process!
Ainsley loves Minnie! She makes everything better!
So does a grape mister misty!
We have a new family tradition -Friday movie night! Ains can eat her weight in popcorn!!
This week Ains is visiting my dad and Vicki-he bought her this new hat for the farm!