Sunday, September 18

Soccer, Sprinkles & Cheer

Ains did great at soccer this week! She listened and had fun! She asked us why we didn't bring big signs with her name on it to cheer for her....we didn't know how to respond :)!

We ate with Ains at her school this week!

Ice cream sprinkles! Ains put WAY too many sprinkles on her ice cream! We had to dump many of them out-never a dull moment!

Cheer camp on Saturday morning!!

A fun start to the weekend!

Sunday, September 11

Firsts & Remembering 9/11

Lots of firsts this past week-first soccer practice!
Ainsley loved it!
She spend 70% of her time dancing/singing...Ains has a mind of her own. We talked a LOt about respecting her coaches/listening and participating. We did have this conversation before practice but I think we are going to have this conversations many times! When Ryan asked her what she did best at soccer practice she said "singing"!
Another 1st-she did her thyroid blood check ALL by herself with NO tears!

We celebrated that and her 1st tooth that fell out!
We did some homework this weekend-Ains is learning about senses so we had to listen and record sounds she heard outside!
She also had to make binoculars and make observations!
Our sweet realtor sent us free tickets to Lions Park! 
Ains loves this place!

On Sunday we got up and watched the coverage of the 9/11 anniversary. I'll never forget where I was that day and the fear we all had. It is hard to comprehend the lives lost that day. The acts of love and sacrifice that was displayed by the first responders drowns out the hate from that day. May we never forget their brave sacrifices and the family members that were lost that day.

After church we went to Lowe's to work on a yard project.

Monday, September 5

Home sweet home

I was so thankful for good travel weather yesterday! I was so thankful to see all of this green in TX in September!!
After I landed we went to look at Halloween costumes. I don't care too much for Halloween-but I do love ALL things fall! R and A on the other hand love Halloween. They are in discussions still on what out costumes will be this year. A was disappointed we weren't buying anything yesterday :)!
A went grocery shopping with me today-we picked up a donut for her before shopping!

This afternoon we did a little decorating!
For fall!

Thankful to be home and thankful for quality time with my A and R today!

Sunday, September 4

Illinois trip!

After visiting my dad Thursday in the hospital I spent the night with my in laws and got to see my sweet niece Della!
Friday Ryan and Ainsley had fun at the home opener!!
After seeing my dad on Friday at the hospital we made the journey over to his farm (about 2 hrs) and took care of his yard since he has been sick and unable to take care of it and it is his pride and joy! I'm thankful for Larry, Linda and Vicki's help!

We went out for a late dinner after our hard work!
Good news-my dad got released yesterday and we are hoping this new round of antiobiotics is the fix!!

Thursday, September 1

Traveling to IL

Recently A and I went to campus to practice soccer since she starts practice soon.

Getting ready for church-she didn't keep the wig on!
Decorating her cat!
Ains wanted curlers one night this week!
Sweet girl finally getting her Chili's meal!

I flew to IL to be with my dad who had been in and out of the hospital for the past several weeks following his Aug 1st surgery. When I told Ainsley she said "who will do my hair?!?!, Dad doesn't know how!" So she practiced on her own hair Wednesday night!
Early morning flight to see dad in IL. I'm thankful for safe travel and good weather!