Sunday, February 28

This and that

Friday afternoon I took Ains to see her pediatrician for a referral to physical therapy. Ains has been having more frequent falls and is walking on her toes/the front of her feet a lot. She thought it would be good for another PT evaluation and recommend A see a podiatrist.
Friday night I went with my girlfriends to see all university SING. It was amazing!!
Saturday a shop I like was having a 75% sale-Ainsley had fun trying on a few things :)!
Working on her bike!
We met Claire and her mom Esther Saturday morning for some fun at the park!

Ryan and I are doing a little spring cleaning with our food choices! We are trying to eat at home more and fill up on more veggies!
Looks like this will be our standard meal this spring a lean meat with lots of veggies! 
Sunday I had my university 1000 class (first year students) over to our home.
We had taco night! Ains was my taste tester :)!

Friday, February 26

Florida & Ears

I was in Florida earlier this week for a conference-beautiful weather and palm trees!!
My flight was delayed getting home-i finally landed at midnight :)!
SO happy to see this sweet girl!
These two had fun this week!
This morning Ains had her hearing test-she did awesome! They got a full read on her hearing-she showed a bit more loss in her left ear. Her left ear was not draining so her audiologists recommend we see an ENT as soon as we can.
We were able to get Ains into the ENT at the main hospital-we met with a wonderful ENT who cleaned out Ainsley's left ear. He put her back on ear antibiotics so we can get her left ear healthy. We'll recheck her hearing on Wednesday.
We found out today it is time for new hearing aids! Ainsley's hearing aids are a few models old. Dr. Drew thought it would be good to get her new hearing aids so we are ready for the FM system this fall with kindergarten!! 
After much deliberation Ainsley has decided on purple hearing aids! On a positive note we found out today our insurance covers 80% of her hearing aids-praise the Lord!!

Sunday, February 21

Flowers, Taco Night & Flordia

Thursday night after speech we walked around campus and found these-flowers already in full bloom!!
My sweet girl! 

Friday night I had my transfer student class over for taco night!
My little chef! 
Saturday A and R took me to the airport-I'm in Flordia for a few days for the FYE conference!
Ryan and Ains had a fun Saturday with a trip to Target, the zoo and dinner out!

Tuesday, February 16


This weekend Ainsley had fun playing bubble baseball!

Watching the kids baking championship last night with my girl. We were doing yoga on the commercials-Ains said it was the best time ever!
Dinner tonight!

Ainsley yelled "Papa Bob"!!! She thought this guy was my dad-ha!

Fun night driving in the backyard!

Saturday, February 13


I found these cute sunshine yellow pants for Ains! She picked out these cute wedge shoes!
Ready for her Valentine's Day school party!

Sugar's new favorite past time!
Fun with daddy!
New hair cut! 

Friday, February 12

Future speaker?

Last night Ainsley and I spoke to a Speech & Hearing student association at Baylor about her journey!

She wanted to survey the students to find out if they wanted to be speech or hearing practioners!

We had a good group of students that attended--around 35!

Classroom fun!

Ainsley did such a great job!

Ainsley with Ms. Kacie her current speech teacher!  She saved the day with her ipad--she let Ainsley play on it while I was sharing about Ainsley's journey with the class.

Future presenter!  She was a natural!

Sunday, February 7

Weekend Fun!

Working on Valentines!