Friday, February 26

Florida & Ears

I was in Florida earlier this week for a conference-beautiful weather and palm trees!!
My flight was delayed getting home-i finally landed at midnight :)!
SO happy to see this sweet girl!
These two had fun this week!
This morning Ains had her hearing test-she did awesome! They got a full read on her hearing-she showed a bit more loss in her left ear. Her left ear was not draining so her audiologists recommend we see an ENT as soon as we can.
We were able to get Ains into the ENT at the main hospital-we met with a wonderful ENT who cleaned out Ainsley's left ear. He put her back on ear antibiotics so we can get her left ear healthy. We'll recheck her hearing on Wednesday.
We found out today it is time for new hearing aids! Ainsley's hearing aids are a few models old. Dr. Drew thought it would be good to get her new hearing aids so we are ready for the FM system this fall with kindergarten!! 
After much deliberation Ainsley has decided on purple hearing aids! On a positive note we found out today our insurance covers 80% of her hearing aids-praise the Lord!!

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