Friday, October 28

Ainsley at School

Ainsley has been loving school.  I love hearing from her about what she is learning--science concepts, empathy lessons, and she is already practicing sentence structure.  She LOVES her teacher--very thankful for a great kindergarten experience for her!

This week Ainsley got to go on a field trip to the High School Ag Barn!  They got to learn from the high school students about their care for the animals!  She got to ride on a school bus!  She wore her cowgirl hat & boots!

Monday, October 24

The past few weeks

Ainsley came with me to a student bowling night last week-she packed a bag for the event :)!
 She played ping pong!
Ains has been asking for a pixie cut for a long time! She finally got her long awaited hair cut!
She loves it!
She was so excited to show her friends and school and church!
Ryan tried wheat grass for health last week...
His immediate reaction! He said it wasn't bad! That small amount packs as many nutrients as a pound of veggies!
Ains and I ran to JC Penny one night last week-she wanted me to get this shirt for work....surprisingly I didn't get it :).
This weekend we did LOtS of yard work!
Almost done!
Ains helped me with dishes while I cooked :)!
We baked some bats this weekend!
Ainsley approved!

Sunday, October 16

Homecoming Fun


Saturday, October 15

Birthday celebration

We celebrated for days for Ainsley's 6 bday! We didn't do a big party this year so we tried to do several special things with her!
Dr Pepper for dinner-a treat!
 Test drive :)
A sweet friend from church got A a present!
   Cooking fun!  A great 6th

Tuesday, October 11

Hearing test!

Thursday we took Ainsley for her hearing test!
We are so thankful for Dr. Drew! She is so patient with Ainsley and so through!!
Some parts of Ainsley's hearing is stable and her left ear was much lower at some frequencies. Her hearing aids were reprogrammed for the new loss.