Friday, October 31

Trick or Treat!

Well Friday Ryan and I both finally gave in and went to the doctor-we've both been hacking for over a week. Bronchitis! We started antibiotics and rested...but we couldn't miss Trick-or-Treating so we took Ainsley around the neighborhood and then took her home for a movie night so we could rest!
She had a great time!

She loves scary stuff-why we don't know! She loved this house!

Thursday, October 30

Our little sheriff!

Halloween fun

Earlier this week we took an evening family run to look at Halloween decorations in the neighborhood! Ains loves to do this!  She brought her flashlight!

Then her favorite snack-chocolate peanut butter!
Last night we had a quick dinner before talking another Halloween walk. Ains likes the scary decorations...she tells me "they're not real mom"!
After our walk Ainsley opened a special package from Grammie Linda!
She was so excited to get new books and a gift card to "fairy queen"! She is taking one of the books for show and tell today. Thanks Linda!

Tuesday, October 28

Baylor Trick-or-Treating!

We met up with Ainsley's friend Claire and her parents and went trick-or-treating in the halls on campus!

The residence halls were decorated so cute!
One of the floors had a Wild West theme!
The Frozen floor was a huge hit!

Face painting! Ains was so tired here, but she soon got her second wind!

Golfing with 4 legs is tough!
So Ryan stepped in to help!

Monday, October 27


Ainsley yelled "this is crazy" as she was zooming down the sidewalk. She loved going fast!

Sunday, October 26

Fall Fest

Friday afternoon Ainsley's school had their annual Fall Fest!
Hayride! Ains was so excited she wanted to look at the tractor the whole time!
Pumpkin time!

Ains loves to draw! We had a garage sale Saturday morning and she drew this ice cream truck!
And did some drumming!

Saturday night Ryan and I went out for dinner!
And Starbucks!
We dropped by Target to fulfill a special request-Ains really wanted to be a unicorn this year and we found her a costume! 
Ains helped me do some chores today so we celebrated at Sonic with a slushie-our fave Miami Sunset! We both love it!
When Ains really gets giggling, she covers her mouth! So cute!