Sunday, January 27

Weekend Fun

This weekend Ryan's parents came up to watch Ainsley while we had a leadership retreat at church. We were excited to see them! Ryan and I went out to dinner and shopping Saturday night and Ainsley had fun with G & P!
Ryan has been working many late nights this week, so little miss was excited to spend some time with him this weekend!
Friday night Ainsley went to the church nursery while we were in the leadership class--she had a lot of fun.
It would not be the weekend without a trip to Target!
Grammie Linda had the idea to get Ains a piggy bank.  I found this cute pink piggy bank (tutu and all) at Target!  She had the best time putting money in it.  Hopefully she is more like her daddy with money!  It always burns a hole in my pocket!
Linda helped me with Ainsley's valentine's presents for her teachers and classmates this weekend.  For Ainsley's classmates I did a A's favorite things theme (like a mini Oprah give-a-way, minus the car).  Ainsley's favorite things included fruit snacks, a tootsie roll pop and a slinky.

Saving money!
Last year after Christmas I got A's this cute kitchen from Target (feels like I am mentioning that a lot in this post)!  Ryan's parents got her a kitchen last year, so I never opened this one...but we were iced in today, so it was the perfect project for PaPa & Grammie to help Ainsley with!
These are a bit out of order :).  Grammie, Ainsley & PaPa Larry.  Ainsley like to touch the cold Diet Coke with her feet! Oh my!

Back to building!
I am in a freezer meal group and last month we made a manicotti recipe that I just loved!  It is SO simple!    You roll string cheese in oregano, garlic powder and basil.  I  didn't measure it, I just put it on some tin foil and rolled the cheese stick until it was lightly coated.  
Next step, put a thin coat of spagatti sauce on the bottom of a 8 x 8 pan and then lay your manicotti noodles with the string cheese (already coated in spices) in the dish.  The great thing about this is you don't have to cook the noodles before hand!
Oh, boy---this is the second to last step!  Jump to the next picture :) (I am no Pioneer Woman she would never have pictures out of order in a menu post--love her blog)! 
Next step--cover noodles with spagatti sauce.  Tonight I quartered some Italian meat balls and added it to the sauce.  I normally just brown up 1 lb of hamburger with some onion and spices and add it to the sauce, but I didn't have any on hand.  After you have added the sauce you sprinkle with cheddar cheese and parm cheese.
Final step--cover with tin foil and bake at 350 for 1 hour.  Take out of oven and let it sit for 10 minutes (with tin foil on) before serving.  This receipe freezes really well and I normally make a double batch to freeze or give away.  Our next freezer bake party is this Thursday night.  I'll have to do a post on that soon.  There are 9 of us that get together and cook and after 3-4 hours we all go home with 18 meals!!  This is the perfect solution for the Cohenour family who eats out almost every other night!  p.s this meal heats up really well!  Let me know if you try it and what you think!

Tuesday, January 22


Every other Tuesday, Ainsley's hearing teacher comes to her daycare at the end of the day to work with her.  We normally have the classroom all to our selves, because the other kids are in the jungle gym area at the end of the day.  Today we had two extra visitors...the bunnies or "nunnies" as Ainsley calls them.  
This poor nunnies.  Ainsley had her heart on catching them and holding them.  They were kind and played along.
I think she is ready for a kitty!
Today was the first day of classes and both Ryan and I were we went to a local diner for dinner.  

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 21

Week re-cap

Last Thursday Ryan and I went out to dinner for our anniversary.    We tried a new place in town and it was amazing.  It was a hibachi grill--it wasn't too busy, we had our own personal chef.  He was super nice and a great cook! 
Saturday it was 50 degrees here!  We got a quick trip in to the park!  We are now in the negative temps at night...oh Iowa weather :)!
Sunday we took little miss to the Children's museum.  They were closing early for the holiday weekend--so we explored the mall instead!  Ainsley loved seeing the yellow fish!
A visit with the trains! 
Our local sporting goods store has animals--Ainsley loves to "visit" with them! 
An ice fishing boat--she was on cloud 9!
She got so excited when she saw this owl!
All bundled up! 
She loves to watch hockey too!
Today we stayed in our jammies and watched the inauguration.  It was such a beautiful event!
Playing dress up!
I went to a heart seminar last week--I learned a lot about how to keep your heart healthy.  Diet and exercise was the main focus.  I'm trying to make small lasting changes.  First baby step is working out 3 times a week and to cut down on my sweets (not fun!).  Today I put on a work out video and had Ainsley join in with me.  It was a two mile walk/weights program--she made it to .5 mile!  She was dancing and having the best time!
This afternoon we bundled up and took A to get a much needed hair cut!

Cute new do and a balloon! 
Our very own neighborhood watch girl!  I went to dinner with some girlfriends tonight and Ainsley said goodbye to me from the window.  We had an early dinner (and great conversation) so I was able to get home and tuck my sweet girl into bed.  

Monday, January 14

On the mend

Our sweet girl had a tummy bug on Thursday that kept her home from school.
Thursday night Ainsley started coughing and was running a temp...
Friday I kept Ainsley home due to her temp--which at this time was a low grade temp.
She felt run down but still managed a smile!
I took her to the dr Friday morning because she sounded weasy to me.  The doctors confirmed she had some weasing in her lungs.  They shared that Ainsley's lungs are more we got a new inhaler and were on our way. 
Ainsley felt great after her breathing treatment!
We were at the doctor on Friday for 2.5 hours!  They were so busy with flu and other cases that in between doing a breathing treatment and then needing to have her vitals checked 20 minutes later I had to get creative to keep Ainsley entertained!

Friday night Ainsley started to get much worse.  She barely got any sleep--she was coughing and SO hot.  We decided to call the doctor again on Saturday morning and they had an opening at 10:45 am!  By the time we got to the doctor her temp was 103.5 and her respirations were close to 1 per second.  The doctors were wonderful--they gave her medicine to get her temp down and said that her pulse ox, and breathing should improve when her temp got to a better level.  They sent us right down to get a chest x-ray.  
Waiting for the x-ray.
In the x-ray room.  Ryan and I both were helping to get Ainsley into position for the x-ray.  When I looked in the booth to see if we were doing things right, Ainsley's doctor was there.  I teared up--he had come down to the x-ray room to get the results first hand.  The x-ray helped him to pin point where to listen to her breathing.  He said he the results led him to believe she had the beginnings of pneumonia.  So he ordered an antibiotic.  We got the prescription filled in the hospital pharmacy.  The doctor stopped by the pharmacy on the way out to make sure that we had everything we needed.  I almost teared up again.  He was SO kind and took such good care of our little miss.  He actually called today to check on how Ainsley was doing.  
Ainsley ran a high temp most of Saturday, but we could tell she was beginning to get back to herself late Saturday.  It could have been the cake pop...or the antibiotic!
Ainsley was playing with her dollies from Grammie Linda Saturday night.  She was feeding them!
Sunday Ryan and I celebrated 12 years of marriage!  Ainsley made a card for Ryan to celebrate.  Ryan and I decided to cancel our babysitter for Sunday evening so we could be with our sweet girl.  The past 12 years have been a great journey and I'm looking to many more years!  Ryan is such a kind hearted and encouraging husband and wonderful dad to Ainsley.  He said "good job" several times this weekend when we were caring for Ainsley which is exactly what this tired mamma needed!

Our sweet girl is feeling better!  Today we had two doctors appointments--when it rains it pours with doctors apts and Ainsley and we are in a rainy season!

I took Ainsley to her ENT doctor at 1 pm today.  This was right in the middle of her nap.  Ainsley was fast asleep until her had to check her ears!  He confirmed her right ear tub had shifted so she is scheduled for surgery on January 29.
He wanted to get a hearing test too--so we waited to meet with the audiologist.  The audiologist that we met with was the director who we have worked with several times before.  Ainsley did fairly well in the sound booth, but she was only able to get a partial read so the doctor, the director of audiology all agreed to to a sedated hearing test on the day of her tube surgery since she will already be sedated.  This was the same test that we did almost a year ago that showed a profound loss--but the doctor reassured me today that was a fluke so he is hopeful that we will get a good read to determine if Ainsley's left ear needs a hearing aid too.
This girl melts my heart.  She was SO good today.  She takes all of this in stride.  The nurse made her a doll out of a tongue depressor and Ainsley loved it!

Ryan and I switched for her last appointment of the day.  Ainsley got fitted for new inserts for her feet.  Ryan said the person that fitted her today was wonderful!  She recommended specific tennis shoes for Ainsley and ordered a more supportive insert that will have Ainsley running all over soon!