Friday, June 16

Still processing

Our sweet girl started a summer camp this week!  She is loving it!
She told us recently she wanted to work for NASA!  She loves space and loves learning about the planets--I thought this is great!  Something to pursue....she clarified for me one day last week that she wants to be a DJ for NASA workers.  Music is an important part of space travel according to Ainsley!
We went for a cool treat after camp this week at Magnolia Market!
Snow cones!
Summer fun!
Lots of things to play with!
We traveled to Austin last weekend for some fun!
Our little Texan!
IKEA fun!
We are re-organizing Ainsley's playroom--I'll take pictures when it is all done!
Ainsley loved IKEA!
This is how Ainsley takes pictures now--just silly!
We are still processing all of the info we learning at Mayo Clinic.  We asked to pursue carrier testing for muscular dystrophy since she is now having signs of protein in her urine as well as the blood markers of slight muscle breakdown in the heart.  Her Mayo genetic doctor was on board and started the process last week.  We thankfully have her samples on file at Mayo so no additional blood work is needed. We are in process with the insurance company for approval.  It can take up to 30 days for approval/rejection.  This test will allow us to know if we should more closely monitor her heart every year if she is a carrier.  Please be in prayer that God works out the details of the insurance, etc.  This genetic test (from what I've read) can be processed within weeks--so this would be a relatively quick process if we can get over the insurance hurdle.

Saturday, June 10

Life lately

Life lately = always on the go!  Here's a quick recap of the past few weeks....Ainsley graduated from kindergarten!!
We are so proud of her!!!
My dad and Vicki came to visit for the big day!
Ainsley and her sweet teacher! We were so thankful to have such a creative and caring teacher for Ainsley's first year in school!
That evening our church had a fun event for kids! Ainsley loved the zip line!
The next day after Ainsley's grad Ryan had surgery for his gallbladder! 
My dad, Vicki, Ains and I went out shopping and golfing so Ryan could rest! 
We are thankful dad and Vicki were here to help!
Never a dull moment with this one ;)!