Sunday, September 12

A shower of fun

This afternoon my friends Kate & Erin planned a special baby shower--a pedicure and dessert shower! We started by getting our nails done and then headed to Monica's (a local restaurant) for dessert--they have the best cupcakes! I didn't get any pictures of the desserts, because we all ate them so quick! It was fun to have some time chatting with these great ladies and laughing!

They were all so kind and got us such thoughtful gifts! Amy got us this cute basket filled with baby goodies!

Erin got us the cutest book and towel for bath time!

Lots of comfy sleepers from Kate!

Lindsay got us the cutest shoes that help children to walk earlier! And the cute Iowa t-shirt!

One of my favorite books from Kate!

I feel very lucky to have these great people in our lives and can't wait for our little girl to meet them!

Thursday, September 9

New job

The last few days have been a whirlwind--wrapping up my old job yesterday at 5:30 pm and starting a new job today at 8 am. I am so excited about my new job as the Director of Retention at Iowa. I think it will be very rewarding and meaningful to daily help students be successful at Iowa. Here are some pictures of my new office--I was all unpacked by 10 am this morning :)! Ryan was a big help and moved all of my boxes to my office last night!

Monday, September 6

Weekend fun

Since we are only 3 weeks away from our due date--we thought it was time to pack our hospital bags so we are all set. The green blanket on the rocker was handmade by Barb one of our co-workers--it is so soft, we think she'll love it!

Today was a little cool--so we decided to make our first pot of chili!

I also made some cinnamon bread!

And, of course I bought two new dresses! I love the black and white one--will be cute with some tights for Christmas!

Sunday, September 5

EIU pride!

Ryan had a lot of fun yesterday at the EIU vs. Iowa game--Iowa won 37 to 7.

Ryan and Greg (one of our co-workers at Iowa who also went to EIU)--they were having fun!

What a blue wig! Ryan said he had several people make comments to him about his EIU shirt, so when he got home from the game he kindly changed back into an Iowa shirt before we went out for shopping--so I didn't have to hear all of the choice words that were said!

They have GREAT seats and it was a beautiful day!

I've already started working on my fall decorations! Here is something that I made to hold some caramels--a jar from Wal-Mart ($1.47), some ribbon and a chalk board tag my sister sent to me this summer (thanks Ang)!

Saturday, September 4

Off to tailgate!

This morning, Ryan was up early fixing biscuits and gravy to take to his 8 am tailgate party! Yum!

Ryan was really excited for this first game because Iowa is playing our EIU where we met and graduated many years ago!

Last night after dinner--Ryan did our grocery shopping. On the list that I gave him, I put "flowers for your wife", and this is what he brought home. They were beautiful! He follows that list to a tee :)!

Friday, September 3

EIU vs. Iowa

It has begun--football season! Tomorrow's home opener is Iowa vs. EIU! Tonight Ryan and I went to grab dinner and on the way home we drove by the stadium and we saw many motor homes already in town and SO many Iowa black and gold flags, shirts, etc--Hawkeye pride was out and about. I tried to take more pictures, but our camera phones don't take great in motion pictures (since we were driving).

The Hawkeye train looks ready for game time---ready to take fans to the stadium!

I am hoping to rest a lot this weekend so my rib muscles heal--I truly have been lucky to have an uneventful pregnancy up to this point...Ryan is off to the store now to find icy hot--hope that does the trick!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 2

Office Shower!

Today our co-workers had a baby shower for us! I wasn't able to go because I was at home resting today with a pulled muscle in my ribs....don't know how I hurt it, but the pain was so severe it was causing my heart to race. Hopefully it will heal soon!

Here are some photos of the shower--Ryan cutting the cake!

The presents--our co-workers got us the car seat we wanted! We love it and will use it everyday!

Two of my sweet co-workers, Kate & June!

Ryan with Jarvis & Ryan!

Party Fun!

Greg eating some good food!

Anthony, Lindsay & Lesley--having fun!

Lovely smiles!

Lots of good food!

More sweet co-workers!

We are lucky to have such great co-workers and friends!