Monday, May 31

Weekend--Our staycation

Ryan and I took a couple of days off of work (Friday and Tuesday) to take a mini-vacation. After looking for close vacation to MN, WI, MO, etc--we weren't too excited by what we found, so we decided to try a staycation instead! It worked out well, because we were able to get out and do some fun things around town, but we also got a lot of packing done! We move in early to mid-June to our new apartment!

We are so excited to move, because we are living among boxes now and our walls are bare--so it doesn't feel much like home!

This U-Haul tape is great because it keeps us organized!

While I was shopping this weekend, I found this picture frame which was perfect for the picture of me and mom that I took last fall!

We went to the Amana Colonies on Saturday--we love their breads and jams. These are a few of the things we picked up while we were there! Pumpkin Bread is the best!

Hard to believe--we are already 22 weeks along! The baby is growing--only 18 more weeks to go!

Tuesday (June 1st) we find out if we are having a boy or a girl, we have been counting down the days to find out! I found this cute ultrasound frame at Kohl's! I'll put our new picture in it tomorrow!

We spent a lot of time this weekend looking at nursery furniture. We want to get a crib, dresser with changing table top and a rocker. Who knew this would be such a confusing process! Ryan's mom got us this book last weekend which has been a great help--it rates all of the furniture, baby items, etc. We will find a crib that we love for a good price and has a low rating! Ryan loves to do research before buying anything, so he is going to take the lead on finding the right nursery set, because it is driving me a bit crazy! I'm in charge of the decorating!

Saturday, May 29

Wedding Shower

I am a little behind on my blogging :)! At the beginning of May, my mother-in-law (Linda) and I hosted a shower for Tim (my brother-in-law) and Jenny (his beautiful bride to be). Here are some of the fun pictures!

Yummy food!

Jenny's mom, Jenny, and Linda

Linda had fun shower games prepared--this one was making a flower arrangement for the wedding--everyone had fun with it! They were so competitive working in teams on this one!

Table decorations!

Grandma Della enjoying the festivities!

Jenny had fun opening gifts--we got them this vacuum cleaner!

At the end of the shower, Tim (the groom to be) and Ryan came to help us pack up after the shower--here they are with their Grandma Dorris!

Monday, May 3

Trip to Illinois

This weekend Ryan and I traveled to Illinois to give a wedding shower for Ryan's brother (Tim) and his finance (Jenny). It was a very fun shower--I'll post pictures later.

We then met dad and Vicki for dinner--which was fun to catch up with them!

We then spent all day Sunday at EIU--for board Sunday at the Christian Campus House--we finally were back on the road heading to Iowa Sunday night at 5:30 pm. We were so tired, so we stopped for dinner at Famous Daves in Champaign, IL. The restaurant is in an old barn--so neat. Here is a picture of the building. We finally arrived home late last night at 11:30 pm and were SO tired--but glad we had a good visit with family and friends at EIU.