Friday, June 29

Boom Chicka Pop!

Wednesday night we took Ainsley to kids night at Applebees!  She was one happy girl! 
We learned we can turn our iPhones around and take pictures so A can see herself.  She will normally try to match our faces...which is fun!

Ainsley had a little bit of chicken with her ranch dip.  We had to wash her hair 3 times that night!  We also took her shopping after and we ran into several people we knew, so I had to explain why she had crazy hair :)!
Thursday night Ainsley didn't want to go to sleep.  She is normally fast asleep by 8, so when 9:30 rolled around and she was still running everywhere we tried a snack.  We gave her strawberries and kid's cheesy poofs which she loves and are semi-healthy.  She saw us eating popcorn and she wanted to try it.  I think she ended up eating more than we did.  She LOVED it!
She finally feel asleep around 10:15 pm and was up bright and early at 6:30 am because she had an early morning physical therapy session at 7:45 am.  Maybe she'll sleep in tomorrow!!
This was the popcorn we were eating.  I saw this at our local grocery store (Fareway)--it was only $2 and made in MN, so I thought we'd give it a try...and only 35 calories per cup.  There are 5 servings in a bag and we ate almost the entire bag, which negates the whole 35 calories per cup theory.  Oh well, it was good and Miss Ainsley probably ate 2 servings due to her late night munchies!

Thursday, June 28

Field of Dreams

We stopped by the Field of Dreams movie site on our way home from vacation Monday.  We've lived in Iowa for 4 years and we hadn't been there until now!

Home base!
We stopped at a cute country place in the same town to eat lunch before we hit the road and headed back home!

Wednesday, June 27

1st Family Vacation!

We took our first family vacation last weekend.  It was a mini-vacation to Dubuque, Iowa.  We went to the Mississippi Museum.

We did a barge activity outside!
We had lots of fun and lots of laughs!

We stayed at a hotel that had a large water park.  Ainsley LOVED the water!  And Ryan and I loved the water slides!
Ainsley was worn out and slept most of the way home!  

Tuesday, June 26

Monday, Monday

Recently I had two people tell me that they thought Ainsley wasn't talking as much.  I watched Ainsley closely for a couple of days and noticed she wasn't as chatty.  I worried that she was  losing her hearing again.  I panicked.  A minor panic really.  I called and asked for her speech therapy to be increased.  We met today with her Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher and her Speech Therapist.  They put our minds at ease.  They said all kids go through periods of not being as expressive.  They also told us her stats.  In March Ainsley had 14 spoken words and 20 signs.  In June she now has 43 spoken words and 35 signs.  A sigh of relief!    
Ainsley has been learning about camping at school recently.  Her report last week said, "we pretended to go camping again and looked at pictures of tents and fires and talked about how fires are hot"!
This week, Ainsley's class has a patriotic theme.  They made these cute hand prints.  Today her daily report said they sang 4th of July songs!  She is having lots of fun at school!

This face says it all.  Little miss has a BIG personality these days!  She is super, super sweet one moment and a spit fire the next!  Oh my!!  
Tonight at dinner Ainsley wanted to wear Ryan's name tag.  She was so proud wearing it!
After dinner we went to the VIP event at Costco...and we had an outfit change!  Ainsley enjoyed too much BBQ during dinner!  Anyhoo, the VIP event was open to the public (we thought we were super special getting an invite, ha)!  It was crazy, crazy busy--but we had fun sampling all kinds of food and seeing the new store.  We can't wait to shop there.  Ainsley's favorite food there--ice cream!  She ate it all the way to the parking lot!  She was super sticky so she took a bubble bath when we got home!

Monday, June 25

Weekend Fun

Friday morning I took Ainsley to her PT appointment.  This picture was taken right after her 1 hour appointment--she had a lot of fun playing (the session was focused on her quads)!  She was SO tired after.  
Friday night we took Ainsley out to the park!  She had lots of fun!

We have a new Costco in town--so we went to get our membership card on Saturday!

Sunday we loaded up the car early and headed out of town for a mini family vacation!
We took Ainsley to a water park!  She had the best time, more pictures to come later this week!