Saturday, June 13

Bead for Life

Yesterday my new beads arrived and I wore the to a wedding that we attended Friday night--our director Kate got married in a beautiful ceremony.

Bead for Life is a non profit organization providing impoverished Ugandan women an opportunity to lift their families out of poverty by making beaded jewelry out of recycled paper. Many of the beaders are HIV+ mothers or refugees, all of whom have been living in extreme poverty. In spite of their hardship, the beaders are resilient, hardworking and resourceful. Around the world, people partner with the beaders to sell beads and educate others on ways to end extreme poverty. 1.2 billion people around the world--one out of every five people alive--struggle to survive on less than $1 a day. After paying the beaders fair trade prices for their work, all net proceeds from the sales are invested in programs that fight extreme poverty in the areas of health, housing, sustainable livelihood, and education.

I was on vacation when a friend of mine hosted a Bead for Life party--so when I got back I was able to purchase mine on their website (

The beads come in a special gift bag--so they make great gifts!

Friday, June 12

Trivia Night fundraiser for Community Mental Health Center

Thursday night Ryan and I joined some of our friends at a trivia night to support the Community Mental Health Association! The theme was Beach Night and we placed 12th out of 40 teams! It was great fun. Here are a few fun photos!

Ryan & Wolfgang ready for trivia!

Kate with her lobster hat--the best hat of the night!

Greg & Heather in their tropical shirts!

Peg (our wonderful Res Life secretary who keeps us all on our toes and is an amazing trivia player) & me

Saturday, June 6

Our Cruise

This photo was taken on our very last night of the cruise--it was so windy on the deck this night!

Here we are on a tender on our way to Belieze! On 2 or our 3 port stops, we had to take tenders into the island (small local boats) because the cruise ships were too large to dock in the shallow waters. We had a 5+ mile boat ride for this one. Notice the wake--we were going fast!!

Ryan on the beach in Grand Cayman!

Isla Rotan, Hondorus! The most beautiful place we visited!

Ryan and I before dinner--we had two "formal" nights for dinner were we had to get dressed up--so here we are!

Me with a Grand Cayman pirate!

Here I am in the Grand Caymans! The water was so beautiful and blue!!

Here is a photo of me on day 6 of the cruise--still no tan! I faithfully put on my sun screen everyday and throughout the day so I would not burn. I tend to burn like a lobster--but I didn't this time!

We take a lot of photos at arms length, and Ryan thinks they all look the same. He thought we'd take a funny one to mix things up a bit!

Here's me in the elevator going to dinner! The ship was huge, so we took the elevator to dinner (level 2) and our cabin was on level 8!

This is a picture of me in Beleze--there was a heat index of 113 this day! I was so hot, but glad we got to go in land and shop a bit!

Tis is the beautiful view from our balcony! Ryan's parents gave us money specifically for our trip so we could up-grade to a balcony! It was great! We were able to sit outside in the am and smell the ocean breeze and listen to the waves!

Every night after dinner our cabin steward would leave us chocolates and these fun towel animals!