Sunday, October 30

Resting up

Our little miss started coughing and weazing last night/today.  It got pretty bad during lunch--so we rushed her to the local Quick Care (thank the good Lord for that place)!  We've been there a time or two!  Our little miss was diagnosed with Pneumonitis and Branchospasm!  Thankfully her overall pulse ox was great--so they gave her an antibiotic that we started as soon as we got home!
They had Ainsley do a breathing treatment at the doctor.  She HATED it!  The whole doctors office heard Ainsley.  We had to hold this to Ainsley's nose for 5 minutes.  I took this picture after--notice she is not crying (has her binky in her mouth) and is still swatting the face mask away.
Mom and dad were the enemy for a good 5 minutes during this process--so we had to make things right...
We took A to get her first happy meal after.  She enjoyed some nuggets and fries!  She is now snuggled in her bed and resting.  Hoping the meds work quickly!  Grandma & Grandpa Cohenour are on their way to Iowa to take care of Ainsley since Ryan and I have to head back to work.  

Saturday, October 29

Last trip of the season!

We visited Wilson's Apple Orchard today--it will be our last trip of the season there since it closes this weekend!
As we arrived at the orchard we noticed the wagon ride was about to take off, so Ryan and I frantically got out of the truck and began running to the wagon.  We were rushing so much we hadn't yet put on Ainsley's other sock and shoe--oh, well I thought we'll put it on when we get to the wagon.  Within seconds of us sitting on the wagon, a nice mom leaned over to me and said "she's missing a sock and shoe".  I should have said, "oh my, thanks".  Instead, I smiled and I said, "I know--sigh--we were rushing it's in the bag--we didn't want to miss the ride"....and then I leaned over again and said, "best parents ever, right?" I was joking, but it didn't go over too well.  That was the end of that conversation--I think she probably thought I was a little crazy.  Everyday we do the best we can with our little miss, I'm not going to sweat the small stuff (a missing shoe or two)!
Both shoes on and ready for the wagon ride around the orchard!  She loved it! 
After the wagon ride, we went inside the general store for a treat!
Ainsley and her owls!  Here she is with an owl finger puppet!
Yum--we got an apple cider and pumpkin treat!
Ainsley enjoyed trying both of them!
Enjoying the sunny day!
A little toss from mom before we jumped back in the truck!
Okay, one more since she loved it so much! 
Third times a charm--she was giggling SO much at this point! 
Since the apple orchard is my favorite, we then had to visit Ryan's favorite place--TX Road House.  And then home for naps, our little miss started her nap on the way home.  Fresh air always does that to her!

Friday, October 28

Picture day

Our little miss has been under the weather the past two days--so she is missing her first picture day at we took some pictures this morning instead, a bit more casual!
A quick picture of Ainsley's crazy hair--we would have needed to tame this for picture day, but since she's resting at home--her hair can be as wild as can be!

Thursday, October 27


Thanks Dad & Vicki for coming to visit us while Ryan was at his conference .  We had fun with you both and ate way too much!!  

Tuesday, October 25

Tuesday up-date

Ainsley's favorite hobby...removing the dvds!

Enjoying some goldfish!
My dad and Vicki are visiting this week while Ryan is at his conference and they have been cooking up a storm (which I love).  Tonight Vicki made us homemade carmel apples!
Really mom?  Another picture!
Ainsley has enjoyed hanging out with her Papa Bob!

Sunday, October 23

i phone photos!

2 post in one day--just for my dad who asked today if we've left the house and done much of anything since I hadn't blogged in two days!  Here are a few pictures from my iPhone.
This is a common scene these days in the kitchen--our nightly ritual of scrubbing A's helmet and then using the blowdryer to get in nice and dry before bed.  There is a lot of pink in this picture!
Saturday morning Ainsley and I dropped Ryan off at the Hawkeye train stop so he could go to the game and I saw Herman Cain's bus!  This is as close as I could get.  I think it is so exciting Iowa has so many presidential candidates come to visit!

Out little miss was SO tired after a Saturday shopping trip to the mall!

Ainsley and her daddy at the Amana colonies--we went there for a Saturday afternoon walk!
A was too interested in "talking" with people that she couldn't pull herself away to look at mamma for a quick picture.  

A and me at her helmet appointment earlier this week.

Just like her daddy--watching some tv!

Having some fall fun!

Yum & On the Move!

Our little miss has been trying a lot of new foods lately!  Eggs with a dash of cheese!
They were a hit!

Playing a few games!

On the move!

She is up the stairs before we know it!

SO Big!

Rounding the corner

Mom caught me!

Her goal--to look down into the living room!

Her favorite these days chicken and mashed potatoes.  She hardly ever touches the green beans...we'll have to work on that!


Wednesday, October 19

Out little pumpkin

We took Ainsley to Buffalo Wild Wings last night--she loved the chicken with Ranch dressing.

We had to give her a bath as soon as we got home :)!

Monday, October 17


Our little miss exploring as we got ready this morning!

Up on her tippy toes--out little ballerina!

Sunday, October 16

Grandma & Grandpa Cohenour's visit

Ainsley with Grammie Linda!
Ainsley is going to miss her grandparents after the fun weekend she had with them!
Putting her toes in the cold grass!
It's a hit!
Just her size!
She loves fall as much as her mamma does!
Thanks for visiting Larry & Linda--Ainsley had a lot of fun--and was so tired from the weekend, she went to sleep at 6:30 tonight--which means she may be up for a slumber party later tonight!