Wednesday, September 30


We started the day today at quick care because Ains had a bad right ear infection. The doctor was great and sent in a prescription for some antibiotic drops-we stopped by Walmart to pick up some ingredients for chili and the medicine.
Late this afternoon we went to the park!
Ains had fun!

Dinner-we had chili and Ainsley had pizza. She added some extra cheese :)!
Tonight it really cooled off so we made a fire and had Smores!!

Fun night!

Tuesday, September 29

More IL fun

Today was a rainy day so we stayed in most of the day. Right before dinner I took Ains to the library so she could play!
Puppet show!
Then...a walk around campus!
A future Panther!

Early birthday party and presents!

Lego time! 
Cake time! We started on this cake yesterday :)!

one happy and well sugared girl!

Monday, September 28

Farm life & Pumpkin Patch

This morning we got up early and took a drive!

Ainsley did some work! She loved it!
We met the Cohenour's for lunch!
The girls and Tim!
The Pumpkin Patch!

The girls with teacher Grammie!

Larry & Linda with their girls!

Dad, Vicki and Ainsley!

We stopped by Vicki's house to pick up some babies.
An early birthday celebration!!