Sunday, August 29

Weekend--cars & shopping

This weekend was a mix of work and fun. Friday night Ryan and I went to a fun dinner at Blackstone and then stopped by a car show (Ryan loved that).

Ryan's favorite car!

My favorite at the car!

I also liked the look of this one--so clean!

Then we did a little clothes shopping at a re-sale shop, such great deals! I love this sweater!

Some long sleeved onesies--for the cold months!

She may not be ready for trick-or-treating, but she can be dressed for the occasion!

Thursday, August 26

Apple Orchard

This week, Ryan and I went to the apple orchard--it was a cool night (65 degrees, so it felt a little like fall)!

They had so many varieties!

We got a good workout walking in the orchard!

I couldn't believe how many apples were on the trees!

I couldn't resist!

I've been going to a lot of living-learning welcome events for students this week and one of the events had these beautiful cakes!

Sunday, August 22

Welcome new Hawkeyes!

The past few weeks have been a blur with student leadership training, staff training, etc as we gear up for another school year! The students are back and today we had Convocation to welcome the class of 2014 followed by the President hosting a BBQ for 6000 students. I volunteered at the BBQ and it was fun to see so many new, excited students!

Convocation--approximately 4000 students attended!

The Herkey (our mascot) that the class of 2014 signed at Orientation!

Welcome fall!

Saturday, August 7

One more outfit

This weekend is tax free weekend on clothing in Iowa--good for back to school shopping! I promised I'd be on a clothes shopping halt--but I found the cutest onesie that I had to buy (tax free)!

Thursday, August 5

Growing older

This Tuesday was my birthday--it was a fun day filled with cupcakes at work, lunch out with my boss, dinner with Ryan at Red Lobster (I'm not a big fan of sea food--but I love their salad and biscuits!)!

I also got some very thoughtful gifts--a big thanks to everyone!

Ryan got me this Vera Bradley work bag! Love it!

My sister (Angie) sent me this Vera Bradley wallet--I just love it, thanks Ang! Such cute colors for fall!

My dad sent me some birthday money--which I normally use for new tennis shoes, but this year my feet seem to be growing day by day, so I splurged and got some new Mary Kay makeup--thanks Dad!!

Ryan's parents got me this huge work bag filled with post-it notes and pens! I just love pens and post-it notes, it makes work a bit funner!

Tonight my friend Kate took me to get a pedicure for my birthday--I picked up these chocolates as a thank you gift for her!

I then went to get my hair cut--it was really hard to take my own picture of my new (shorter) haircut, but here it is.

I went to Wal-Greens tonight and found these--Candy Corn! I am so ready for fall and love everything about fall--carmel apples, candy corn, changing leaves, pumpkins! Can't wait!

We got a gift certificate from some of Ryan's family in the mail and I picked up this bear at Target--it has a mom's heartbeat, womb sounds, music--it attaches to her crib--I think she'll love it.