Sunday, December 29

Visit to IL: Papa Bob & Vicki

We are so thankful that my dad is doing well and that we got to spend some time with him the past few days.
Ainsley likes her new toys from Papa and new clothes from Vicki!

Ryan and I did some work on the ranch for dad today!

Dad and Ainsley supervised from the window!
We felt like ranchers!  Yes I still had my Christmas jammies on!
It was cold, but we fixed the snow fence!
Dad is trying to exercise more everyday-Ainsley joined in and helped him do laps around the house.
We went to see Vicki's new beautiful home!

Had lunch at Cracker Barrel!
Back home for fun!
So thankful that just three weeks after his open heart surgery dad is here with us to celebrate the holidays and 2014!

Saturday, December 28

Fun with Grammie & Papa Larry

Ainsley spent a few days with her Grammie & Papa while Ryan and I worked on Thursday & Friday.
She loves spending time with them!
Grammie gave Ains her old phone-which she loves!

Thanks Larry & Linda for loving on our Ainsley! 

Wednesday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

The past few days have been filled with faith, family and fun!
...and sweets!

At the Christmas Eve service!
Jesus is the reason for the season!
Baby Della did a great job playing baby Jesus this year!

Dinner at Grandma Dorris' home!
A late night visit with our new niece, Della!
Tea party!

On our way to Grandma Della's house! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23

Doc, Micky & Sophia

Three of Ainsley's favorite things...Doc McStuffins, Mickey & Sophia!  We went to dinner at our neighbor's house last night and Ains took her doctor's kit in case they were sick! 
I think our sweet girl may grow up to be a doctor someday....or work in higher ed, totally her choice ;).
She also loves Mickey. This was the dessert she picked out to take to her great grandmas house for Christmas!
 Ains and I found a Sophia dress and doll when we were out shopping today so we had to get it!

She's in love!

Snow and cookie baking!

Ainsley LOVED playing in the snow this weekend! 

Ainsley supervised me and Ryan cleaning the driveway!
She was pretty happy with our work!

She is a daredevil and loved sledding!
When we came in from the snow she went to the fridge and got out the break and bake cookies!
She was more interested in eating than decorating!

Ainsley has had fun on her first few days of break!  Here she is running around the house with her "tail"!