Saturday, May 31

Home Sweet Home!

We saw this home yesterday afternoon and put an offer on it yesterday evening!  We found out this morning they accepted our offer!!  
We are SO thankful!
We are excited for our family to come visit and help us settle in later this summer!

Friday, May 30

Tic Tac

This morning I took Ains to a doctors apt. I said, "stop Ains let me take your picture by these pretty flowers"....
Ainsley said, "I don't want to"...
I said, "what if I give you a tic tac"...she then put out her finger....
And smiled! This girl is full of opinions these days, which can be exhausting but also really funny :)! 

Thursday, May 29

1st Day!

This week Ains is doing a trial run at her new school before starting in June!
She was "scared" but once she settled in she was enjoying it!

We of course celebrated with a special lunch! She was one happy girl!
Last night we went to see the bears...and we finally saw them, they were home!
Joy & Lady!
Back to school-Ains takes her umbrella, just in case :)!
At the end of the school day the receptionist at the school gives the kids a "car treat". I think Miss Donna will be Ainsley's favorite because of this!  She finished most of her treat before we got to the car :)!
A quick trip to the grocery store-they give the kids tokens they can use at the end of a shopping trip. Makes shopping fun for everyone!

Wednesday, May 28


The children's center had a new dinosaur exhibit open this weekend so Ains and I met a couple of our new friends there for fun and a picnic lunch!

Lunch break with friends!
Laundry time!
We bought A a new umbrella in the gift shop because it has been raining SO much here recently and we are expecting more rain all week! A fun day!

Monday, May 26

Weekend Re-cap

We recently started playing Candy Land-Ains calls it "the family game".
Water balloons Friday night!
One of our many trips to Sonic!
One of my new favorite shops-lots of cute crafts, bows for Ains, jewelry!
Ainsley chatting on her new fake phone.

Her first Lego set! 

Thursday, May 22

Children's Museum

This morning Ainsley and I went to the children's museum on campus.  
There is a great discount for Baylor staff on the yearly membership so we got that--which is a good thing because Ainsley LOVED it!
Driving the police car!
Ainsley held my hand in the mammoth section--that was NOT her favorite!
Exploring the outdoor village!

My sweet girl in the school house!

A fun day!