Sunday, July 31

SO Messy

Ryan and I both went into work today (at different times) to get caught up--and Ryan sent this picture to me while he was watching Ainsley and titled it "SO Messy". Ainsley recently figured out how to open the cabinet and it looks like she's moved on to removing the dvds! Never a dull moment!

Thursday, July 28

What a week!

What a week! We started out with a whole day at the university hospital for Ainsley's sedated hearing test--we were there from 9 am-1 pm and then saw her thyroid specialist and wrapped up with seeing our favorite audiologist, Shea!

Ainsley had to fast before her test, she is munching on her baby doll's hair--she was hungry!
Here is Ainsley prior to sedation--all smiles!

We had to wait SO long, so she took a little nap!

Finally-test time! Her vitals looked great during the test because she didn't have a cold like she did during the winter time tests.

A close up of our sleeping beauty. We've got many questions about this hearing test--they put the sound in her ears via the wires and they monitor how her brain responds to sound.

Post test--recovering from the sedation. She woke up after 45 min, took a bottle and went back to sleep. They gave us the results right away. She still has hearing loss in her right ear at the higher frequencies and a slight loss in her left ear. We got mixed results on what do to--some recommended aids for both ears--all agreed aids for the right ear. So we are moving forward with the right and holding on the left and will re-test in January to see if the hearing loss continues to decline or finally stabilize.

We have a resilient baby!! Here is Ainsley in the waiting room at the Hearing Aid Clinic just 2 hours later waiting to see our audiologist, Shea. We were SO relieved we got to see her same day and get her advice, she is AMAZING. I trust her advice and she was comfortable waiting until January to make a decision about the left ear, so in turn I felt comfortable too!After a long day at the hospital we came home to FAMILY! Here is Ainsley with her cousin, Ava! Ava loves playing with Ainsley.

Papa Bob with his granddaughters!

Sunday, July 24

Weekend fun

We are SO excited that our family is coming to visit tomorrow! My dad, Vicki, sister, and niece and nephew will be in town tomorrow night!

Last night we went to Blues & BBQ! It finally cooled off a bit last night so it was good to get out for a walk and enjoy some BBQ!
Friday night we stopped by our favorite--Texas Road House. It is like our second home! We love their food and Ainsley can be as loud as she wants because the music is so loud there--and it is country music, which I love!
The other day, Ainsley rode her first horse!! She loved it!

Friday, July 22

Marathon Monday

We are gearing up for Ainsley's Marathon Monday--she has her sedated hearing test this Monday morning (this will be the third test like this she has had), we then see the Dr to get the results--and after lunch meet with her endrocronoglist and then wrap up the day at the Hearing Aid clinic with Dr. Shea. I've been praying about this day--because I know it will be exhausting for our little miss, she'll have to fast, and we will have a "final" answer on her hearing. I'm praying that God gives us all strength and energy for Monday and for my sweet girl, I am praying that she is comfortable during her test and gets to have some fun while she is at the hospital/doctors all day....I will pack lots of toys!

This was A and me last night--we ran next door to a Norwex (cleaning supply) Party--have you heard of Norwex or used it?

Thursday, July 21


Little miss & I are excited Ryan's home! This Ainsley's first trip to the airport!

Monday, July 18

Missing daddy

Here are a few pictures from Ainsley's doctor's apts last week. She has been scrunching her nose up when she smiles--we call this her owl face since this is the same reaction she has when she sees her owl friend!

Our little miss is missing her daddy! He is in Memphis this week for a work conference. I am SO thankful Ryan's parents are in town while he is away. They are such a big help with Ainsley. Ryan's mom cooked us dinner tonight and they are loving on her tonight while I get some work done. It puts my mind at ease knowing that she is being well cared for while I'm at work

Friday, July 15

Kind words...

Since I am using this blog as a "baby book" for Ainsley--I wanted to share these kind words with Ainsley. I got an email from the Director at Ainsley's day care today and she shared, "It is such a pleasure for us to have little Ainsley here. She has grown and thrived so well. Her great big smile and cute little ways just make us all smile. Thanks for trusting us with her. It's such an honor.

I love the 80s

Ainsley in her 80s shirt. We thought a retro day was in order today!
Here is Ainsley at her well-baby check-up yesterday. She got a great report from her doctor. Her doctor thought her head was looking much better!! We were thrilled with the great news! A also had to do a blood test for her endro doctor at the end of the month. We tried the numbing cream before we went to the lab. We realized it didn't help much because they still put on the blue band before the take blood, so I don't know if we'll do it again. She seemed to do better with out it--our motto with blood work for A is get in and get out quick because she recovers quickly. Good news--her blood work came back yesterday while we were at the doctor and she said it looked GREAT, the meds are working for her thyroid!

Ainsley LOVES to kick the paper at the doctors office--she loves the sound it makes!

After the end of a long afternoon--we celebrated at TX Road House. We gave Ainsley her first roll--she loved it because it was soft and warm. It felt good on her gums where she is working on another tooth!

Tuesday, July 12


We are in love with this little girl, more and more each day!

Sunday, July 10

Angry Birds

This morning we greeted at church--Ainsley LOVED greeting at the door with her daddy. She welcomed everyone with a smile and even tried to shake some hands! Tonight we had dinner with our friends Kate & Kelley and after dinner we ran to Lowes to get something for these crazy, angry birds that have been trying to build a nest on our front porch this summer. It has gotten so bad they have started to fly at our heads when we come through the front door.
The folks at Lowes recommended an owl for our angry birds--hope it works!
She is becoming more comfortable with her new friend!
I love this picture of her--this is when I first put the bird in the cart--she is a little unsure of the bird here! Hopefully this owl does the trick!

Saturday, July 9

9 months!

Our little miss is 9 months old today! We can't believe it--it seems like just yesterday we were just putting her crib together and getting everything ready for her arrival. She is at such a fun age! We are simply in love with her and are having so much fun getting to know her personality which is developing everyday!
We took Ainsley to Lucky Duck swim today! Our local swimming pool has open swim for kids on Saturday mornings only $1 per child--so our whole family went swimming for a dollar! Ainsley had the BEST time--she loved the water!
This picture uploaded with the rest of the swimming photos--this is a class of 2015 Herkey! Both Ryan and I have been busy at work and it hit us recently that the students return in almost 5 weeks--so much to do before mid-August!
Back to swimming photos!

Before photo--Ainsley got her 1st hair cut today! Her hair was starting to come out of the sides of her helmet so we knew it was time for a trim!
After--this my sweet stylist Dominque. She did a fantastic job giving Ainsley her first hair cut and A did great! She sat SO still and had fun watching everyone in the salon! She even sat with me while I got my eye brows done!
After Ainsley's hair cut we went to the mall--I found some great deals, $7 t-shirts at Ann Taylor Loft and a $5 candle at Yankee Candle. Ainsley loved to people watch at the food court--I think she is going to be a great shopping buddy in the years to come!
Our friend Ben stopped by this afternoon. We worked with Ben at WIU and at UI and he is now an east coaster...but he was born in Iowa! So, Ainsley had to put on her little Miss Iowa shirt and get her picture taken with a fellow Iowan! Is was great to catch up with Ben--he is so kind and genuine--we were glad he stopped by!
Tonight we had dinner with our neighbors--one of the local pizza places was having $5 pizzas--we ate so much! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thursday, July 7

IL trip--part 3!

Ainsley on the 4th of July ready for the pool!
She loves her baby pool--such a good summer buy for only $5!
Here are the rest of our IL trip photos--here is Ryan loading the truck at my dad's house. Notice Ainsley's purple suitcase (love it) and also note who has the biggest suitcase in our family--Ryan!
Sorry dad--I only got pictures of the back of your head! Here is my dad on his new mower--he now has two, so I wanted to race Ryan. Dad said that might be dangerous, so we just drove them around the property--it was fun!
I look way too excited to be driving a mower--I think I was still thinking we were going to race!
My dad took us to EIU's campus on Sunday--EIU is a special place for me since my parents went there, and it is where my sister and I both met our husbands!
Our little miss was getting tired on the walk!
Walking toward Old Main with my dad, Ryan & Ainsley.
A kiss from daddy!
Me & my girl!
Lemon time! Have a great night!