Sunday, June 28

Week re-cap!

It has been a fun and busy week at the Cohenour house!
Ainsley got a new balance beam from one of Ryan's coworkers!
She's been practicing a lot!

Thursday we went to get a second opinion from another ENT. The first thing he said when he read Ainsley's medical records was high praise for her Iowa ENT. Long story short he recommended an ENT specialist, and Ains still has a 20% ruptured ear drum so we are keeping our Iowa appointment at the end of July.
After the apt we went out for chips and some ice cream for Ains.

Friday Ainsley had a field trip to Baylor!

She was SO excited!
She got to ride the Baylor bus and got a tour by BU students! She learned the Sic 'Em cheer!

Field trip lunch! 

Shopping fun-we didn't buy this but Ains wanted to pretend she was drinking this large coke!
A new friend! Ainsley loves the disgust character in Inside Out. She thinks she's cute and funny!

She fell asleep with her!
Sunday morning pancake!

Time for church!
I volunteered in Ainsley's Sunday school class today. It was fun to see her in class-she called me "teacher" :)!

Tonight Ryan and Ains went to see Inside Out! A great end to the weekend!

Wednesday, June 24

Baylor Hearing Impaired Pre-K!!

We got a call out of the blue yesterday from one of the faculty members at Baylor University.  She said there was a recent opening in their July Hearing Impaired Pre-K classes and they wanted to offer the opening to Ainsley!

Ryan and I talked about it last night because it takes a LOT of team work to get Ainsley back and forth to 2 pre-K programs, but end the end we couldn't pass up this opportunity for her!

Ainsley will start the 4 week pre-K program in mid-July.  She will be in a class with 7 other kids who have hearing impairments.  I am VERY excited for her to be friends with other kids who have hearing aids, implants, etc!  We get stopped frequently in the store or airport by others who have hearing aids, but they are always adults.  Last night at the grocery store a kind man was talking to Ains about her hearing aids.  He explained he gets his aids checked at the VA and was asking us about battery life, if wind affects hers, etc. We always love connecting with others who have hearing aids --but this will be EXTRA special to have kids to talk with.  Recently Ains said super heros don't wear hearing she notices--now she'll have some friends who wear them too!

The pre-K will focus on hearing and speech goals as well as parent education.  We are beyond thrilled for Ainsley to have this opportunity at Baylor University....especially when we are in such a confusing time with her hearing declining in her L ear.

Tuesday, June 23

ENT/Hearing update

I had shared earlier this month we reached out to Mayo in MN to have Ainsley evaluated with one of their ENT docs and audiology.  I heard back from them last week and after seeing Ainsley's history and recent hearing results/ENT report they want her seen by one of their ENT specialists (otorhindaryngology).  We are scheduled for early September.  They couldn't guarantee surgery since it is dependent on what they find--if Ainsley's ear drum needs repaired or if she needs a 5th set of tubes in her left ear.

September can seem like an eternity when hearing/speech is Ryan and I talked a lot about what to do.  We realized that if we were in Iowa we would seek guidance from Ainsley's wonderful ENT and Audiologist there.  So then that got us talking about another plan.  We reached out to her former ENT in Iowa and got scheduled for late July with him, in addition to a hearing test and visit to the hearing aid center.  Her Iowa ENT offered to save a spot for her in the surgery schedule for the next day if needed.  We were SO thankful!

All of these pictures are from visits to the UIHC hearing aid clinic, ENT, etc.  We feel confident that we can rest in the fact that they will help us to get a plan for what's best moving forward for Ainsley's left ear and why it went from "normal" at birth to now being her worst ear.

We are meeting with a Waco ENT on Thursday afternoon to see how Ainsley's ruptured ear drum is healing.  We are praying that we have a good experience with him and that he can coordinate her ENT care here in TX.  We are also hoping he may have some recommendations for specialists in the state that we could connect with so we can save on plane tickets :).  We are hoping to be heard and that he will have some good advice for us.

If not, we know we have a great plan B & C! 

Monday, June 22


Ainsley and I flew back home to TX on Saturday afternoon.  Ainsley had a window seat and was very excited!  She kept saying, "look mommy, we are so high"..."now we are higher"...and I was SWEATING.  I don't enjoy flying, so I try not to think about the whole process :). 

I always know I can relax when the drinks arrive--it lets me know all is well in the air :)!  Ainsley and I split a Diet Dr. Pepper!

Ains fell asleep mid-flight!

Even on the landing, she was out!

This makes me happy--landing is my favorite!

Airport candy shop...we didn't buy this, but Ainsley wanted to take it home!

My sweet girl made a list of the 10 things she wanted to do with daddy when she got home--first on her list, stay in Dallas--get a hotel so we could go swimming!

Life is short--so we decided to live it up and stay in Dallas Saturday night and go swimming at a hotel!

Ainsley was pretty excited about that!

After swimming we were hungry so we went out for a late snack--no wait if you go to the Rainforest Café at 9 pm :)!

A lady bug balloon animal!

10 pm and still going strong!

A big breakfast and then we headed home to Waco!

Just in time for Father's Day!

Ainsley wanted to make strawberry shortcake for her daddy for Father's Day...she also wanted to know when "Kid's Day" was...she's one smart cookie!

Sunday, June 21

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to three great dads!!