Monday, June 22


Ainsley and I flew back home to TX on Saturday afternoon.  Ainsley had a window seat and was very excited!  She kept saying, "look mommy, we are so high"..."now we are higher"...and I was SWEATING.  I don't enjoy flying, so I try not to think about the whole process :). 

I always know I can relax when the drinks arrive--it lets me know all is well in the air :)!  Ainsley and I split a Diet Dr. Pepper!

Ains fell asleep mid-flight!

Even on the landing, she was out!

This makes me happy--landing is my favorite!

Airport candy shop...we didn't buy this, but Ainsley wanted to take it home!

My sweet girl made a list of the 10 things she wanted to do with daddy when she got home--first on her list, stay in Dallas--get a hotel so we could go swimming!

Life is short--so we decided to live it up and stay in Dallas Saturday night and go swimming at a hotel!

Ainsley was pretty excited about that!

After swimming we were hungry so we went out for a late snack--no wait if you go to the Rainforest Café at 9 pm :)!

A lady bug balloon animal!

10 pm and still going strong!

A big breakfast and then we headed home to Waco!

Just in time for Father's Day!

Ainsley wanted to make strawberry shortcake for her daddy for Father's Day...she also wanted to know when "Kid's Day" was...she's one smart cookie!

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