Sunday, July 29

Snow cones

Ryan's mom's friend got this cute shirt for Ainsley--we just love it, it looked so cute on her today! 
I wrote in my last post about Ainsley's PT and how they were decreasing it.  My dad had emailed about it.  To be honest, Ryan and I aren't 100% confident in what the next steps are.   Ainsley was seeing a PT weekly in May and June--we were then told her PT was no longer with the center.  It took 3 weeks to get scheduled with someone else and when we met with the new PT this past week she said for us to keep working with Ainsley at home with multiple activities and she would see Ainsley for a couple more months--twice a month.  I have been reading that with mild low muscle tone there is some debate to whether PT is helpful since most of the time it improves with time (we find it to be helpful!).  Who knows--we will just keep doing the best we can and making the best decisions we know how for A.  In the mean time, we had fun tonight at the park--Ainsley like walking on the wood chips tonight!
After playing we went to get a snow cone!
I love this picture of these two!

A busy week

This has been a busy, fun week.  Wednesday we took Ainsley to the CDD for another Physical Therapy evaluation.  We met with someone new.  Ainsley had fun playing during the eval.  The end result--they will see her for a couple more months for PT but with the low muscle tone in her feet and legs/hips there isn't much they can do.  There isn't need to build muscle.  They plan is to keep up with the inserts, supportive shoes and we have some "homework" to do every night with Ainsley.  The "homework" is fun--lots of steps, slide time, obstacle courses, etc--anything to keep her moving and building confidence!

Ainsl loves to climb on anything these days!
Thursday, Ainsley wasn't feeling so great, so I kept her home  from school.  We relaxed and she got lots of snuggles from mommy and she snuggled her baby too!
By the afternoon, she was feeling better!  She loves to wear her hat and dog purse--thanks Grammie!

Our little miss is in a growth spurt--she is eating up a storm lately!

Ainsley sees me wear my glasses like this, so this is how she likes to wear them too!
Friday night, Ainsley's school had a benefit for a family whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer this past year.  They have been through so much, so it was nice to come together as a school and support this sweet, sweet family.  Thankfully their daughter was there and she looked beautiful and strong!
They had a dinner and silent auction.  Ryan and I bid on a parents night out event.  So one day in August Ainsley will get to hang out with her friends and teachers while Ryan and I grab dinner.  We had fun being in Ainsley's class Friday night and see all of their olympic decorations they had been working on .  This is Ainsley with her friend, Lily.  Both of these girls love to laugh! 
Saturday we went to the food court for lunch.  Before lunch we took Ainsley on the horses.  This was A pointing at the horses during lunch.  She wondered why they were circling and we weren't on them!
We took Ainsley to see her first movie this weekend, Brave!

She did GREAT!  I think the large tub of popcorn helped!  She sat in my lap like a big girl and ate popcorn and watched most of the movie.  She wasn't interested in the last 15 minutes so Ryan had to give me the re-cap!  We tried to sit her in her own chair in between us, but she wasn't heavy enough to hold down the chair!  I loved taking Ainsley to the movies and she loved the popcorn (she gets that from her Papa Allison)!
It was so cool yesterday evening we got outside for some fun, left the windows open and we are so thankful we got rain today!!!  So all around it has been a great week!

Thursday, July 26

A day at the park!

We took little miss to the park a few days ago--she loves swinging! 

Monday, July 23

Future alumna

The team I traveled with to the conference dropped me off in Champaign, IL so I could spend some time with my dad, Vicki and my Ainsley.  This was on the car ride to my dad's.  I am in love with this little girl!
We visited EIU!  Maybe Ainsley will be a future alumni?  My mom, dad, sister, me, Ryan and his brother are all Eastern  IL University grads!
These pictures are a little out of order, but Ainsley enjoyed "helping" Papa Bob on his farm.

Ainsley doesn't sit still for pictures anymore, we've got to take them quick!

Ryan had a bit of a rough night last Wed/Thursday.  He had to sleep at the Chicago airport due to rain delays.  He got back home at 8:30 am, showered, went straight to work and played b-ball over lunch and took an elbow to the eye!  He then spent the next two hours at the doctor--he had a rough Thursday!

Riding the tractor at the farm.  Ainsley was signing "all done" here because Ryan stopped for the picture, so he signed "all done" too!
Ainsley was on "vacation" last week so we let her eat a popsicle in the bathtub--its the small things in life, isn't it?