Tuesday, September 30

For the Grandparents!

Ains misses her grandparents. Everytime she talks to them she asks when they will visit or when she can visit them! Here are a few pictures for Dad, Linda and Larry! Ainsley misses you and I know you don't want to miss her growing up in Texas so here are some recent pictures!

We asked them to sing to Ains at Texas Road House last night. She was on cloud nine! They had her sit in the sadle!
New dress from Grammie!

New book from Papa Bob!

Monday, September 29

Special delivery!

Ainsley was SO excited to get some early birthday gifts from Grammie & Papa Larry and Papa Bob today!!

Thanks so much to our great family for making her day!!

Friday, September 26


This is Ainsley and her sweet friend Claire. Her mom sent me these pictures that she took at school earlier this week.

Monday, September 22

Ears, Cars and Washers!

Last week I took A to her endrocronologist for a check up. She loves Dr. Bryant.
She was very happy to see him and he called her Miss America! I think he's pretty fond of Ains too!
What Ains is NOT fond of-lab work! It took three of us to hold her down this time. Thankfully we only have to do this every few months.
On a happier note we got a new car. A jeep-we love it. Everytime I put her in the car she says "I love my new car", mainly because she now has air conditioning vents in the back seat!!
Ains helped Ryan fix his air conditioning in his car this weekend!
A kind friend made this washer set for us. He is not a Hawkeye fan (he prefers Nebraksa), so he couldn't bring himself to make us a Hawkeye set so he made us an EIU/WIU set!

Ains has had two recent hearing tests which showed a drastic difference in her hearing. The audiologist this morning recommended we get her ears checked again by an ENT even though we just had her checked on September 8. I called and got her right in this afternoon in Temple, TX.
Thankfully Ryan and I both were able to go and explained why it was important for is to get a good look at her ears. She used a microscope and saw an infection/fluid in both ears despite the tubes.
We'll start antibiotics and she'll have a recheck and another hearing test on October 17.
We will hope her hearing rebounds again. Thankfully the Baylor audiologist said she would check her frequently once we get the fluid issue resolved.
After her appointment we went out for dinner.

This place was featured on the Food Network and was great!

Sunday, September 21

Almost 4

We recently took Ainsley's 4 year old pictures.  This is a little preview of that photo shoot!   Ryan and I had fun chasing Ainsley around and getting some cute pictures of her. 

Tuesday, September 16

New dress

Ains was so excited to wear her new dress to school today!

And...her boots!