Friday, September 30

Friday Family Fun

These pictures are a little out of order--I have still not mastered our new Mac! At the end of the day we went to get our flu shots, went to dinner and then a local car show.

Ainsley at her FIRST car show! One of many in her future since her daddy loves cars!

I like the new cars and Ryan likes the classic cars!
Ainsley loved the fast looking cars!
Ainsley giving her daddy a kiss!
Ronald McDonald was at the car show--Ainsley didn't know what to think of him. She didn't take her eyes off of him for one second!
Tonight at dinner we ordered Ainsley her first kids meal--a cheese quesdilla and mashed potatoes. Our girl loves her carbs!
She couldn't wait for a picture--time to eat!
Ainsley and Ryan were all smiles before their flu shots.
Ainsley did great--she cried for 30 seconds and then was happy again.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 27


This little miss had some sweet and baked potatoes at TX Road House tonight!
She loved them!
She also loved to sit in this saddle--a real country girl!
She also likes to ride on our shoulders and to brace herself with my hair! Pure sweetness!


Recently I've been working through lunches and I'm realizing that it is healthy and good to take a break, walk, and go see my Ainsley! I looked at my clock today and realized I had worked through another lunch today so at 1:30 I went to see Ainsley--she was eating lunch (grilled cheese and veggies), so it was fun to see her in the eating zone! Once I arrived, she did more smiling than eating--but it was so good to take a break and spend some time with my sweet Ainsley!

Saturday, September 24

1 hour of fun

I went to the grocery store early this morning and Ryan and Ainsley stayed home....
And had a LOT of fun in 1 hour--I think they played with every toy in the toy basket!

Friday, September 23

Parent's Night Out

Tonight Ryan and I went out for dinner at Red Lobster and shopping. Ainsley favorite teacher, Lauren, came over tonight to be with Ainsley. It is SO cute to see Ainsley's face when she sees her teachers outside of the classroom. Her face says, "you came HERE to see ME". She loves it! They had a good time tonight.
Ryan and I had a good meal and then went to hunt a winter coat for our little miss at the mall. We didn't find a coat, but we found some cute socks, two night outfits for her, and two dress outfits!
Tomorrow morning, I'm off to the grocery store--out little miss at 1/2 of a grilled cheese sandwich today at school!! I'm going to have to make her one of those at home tomorrow since she enjoyed it so much at school today, and I need to stock up on peaches--another one of her school favorites!

Friday, Friday!

We are thinking of and praying for Grammie Linda today--she is having surgery today for kidney stones. We love you Linda and are anxiously awaiting the call that all went well!
We got a text from Ainsley's teacher, Lauren yesterday. They got some new toys out for the kids and our Ainsley crawled right into the toy basket!

We are diligently trying to keep little A in her helmet since she is in a growth spurt! Here we are at daycare this morning--we are in the ally, so just ignore the dumpster in the background :). We were in a hurry, so Ryan said there was no time for a re-take!

An early birthday present---I saw these precious shoes yesterday, and couldn't resist buying them for Ainsley. They were on sale, even better!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 21

Grandma & Grandpa Cohenour

Fall family fun at the Pumpkin Patch!
Grammie Cohenour!

Watching the chickens!

Laughing with grandma & grandpa!

Saturday date night to Bloomington--out to dinner and shopping!

Tuesday, September 20

Pa Pa Allison

We had fun visiting my dad this weekend! He lives out in the country--so we were surrounded by corn! Ainsley had a great time visiting her Pa Pa Allison. More pictures of our visit with the Cohenour's tomorrow!!

Ainsley LOVES to feel the wind in her hair!

Discovering grass!

Crazy Hair

We had a GREAT visit with our family this weekend--our IL pictures will be posted later this week when I have more time :).

Thought I'd share a few quick pictures. Our little miss had some CRAZY hair this morning--she gets her wavy hair from me! Ryan and I looked at each other this morning and thought, good thing she is still wearing the helmet to tame this unruly hair, ha!
Little miss had her helmet appointment Monday morning--they re-imaged her and she is making good progress, but she still has 1-2 more months with the helmet. We had to wear the helmet for 30 minutes at the appointment so they could make adjustments. We did some "driving" while we were waiting. She loved it!

Thursday, September 15

There will be a celebration...

Ainsley had a rough day at daycare yesterday--trouble going down for her naps. I just texted her teacher to see how today was going and she shared Ainsley went down great for her first nap without her helmet and she noticed red marks when they took off the helmet. We've noticed this recently to. I immediately called her helmet doctor and got her an appointment for Monday and they shared to keep if off of Ains until they can adjust it. Her teacher texted this picture back and then shared she'd take the helmet right off and Ainsley would enjoy playing with her hair--so true!! She loves helmet free time and she'll have a helmet free weekend too! We are traveling to IL to see the family this weekend--so perfect timing!

There WILL be a celebration when our sweet girl is DONE with this hot, heavy helmet! I'm thankful that we have it to help re-shape her head, but not thankful for the struggles she had to endure with it!

Sunday, September 11

Happy Grandparent's Day

We've been watching the 9/11 tributes on tv today--so much heartbreak, yet so much love and joy being shared from the families remembering their loved ones.

Wanted to share a few pictures for the grandparents since this is a special day--Grandparents Day!

Here is Ainsley before she realized I was taking her picture.

Here is Ainsley seconds later realizing there was a flash--she is such a HAM for the camera!

Here is our little miss sporting 3 new top teeth!

We had a rummage sale with another family on Satruday! It was fun spending time with friends getting it ready, but a LOT of work! We both agreed not to do another sale for at least 3-5 years!! HA! To thank him for helping me with the sale, I took Ryan to Red Lobster and bought myself the new clinique bonous! That about took care of our garage sale earnings :)!

Thursday, September 8


Our little miss loves to laugh! Especially when her daddy tickles her--here is Ainsley on a recent dinner outing!

Wednesday, September 7

Almost wordless Wednesday

Thanks to Papa Bob for a new big girl car seat!
 She loved seeing it in the cart at Target!
 Pony tails!
 A new fall mum and sunflowers to brighten up our yard!
 A little bail of hay!
 An outing to the park!

Saturday, September 3

Feeling better

Another virus has hit the Cohenour home! Ryan and Ainsley started to feel sick on Wednesday--Ryan was home for work Wednesday-Friday resting up--he was the sickest I've seen him in years :(. Ainsley stayed home from daycare on Friday and Friday night we had a scare when her temp started rising as her body was fighting the illness. I got a new thermometer that a friend had recommended (actually I got the cheaper version of what she recommended--it is going back to Wal-Mart today; I learned you get what you pay for :). You just put it on your forehead and in 3 seconds you have a temp reading.

We did this for A and it registered 104, 105, 101--it was not accurate at all! When it said 105, I began to PANIC! In 1 second in my mind, I thought of calling the ambulance and throwing bottles, formula and clothes in the truck and heading to the hospital. Thankfully, Ryan in his calmness said--"lets get the digital therm. and take another reading". It was consistently 102. I called the resident line at the hospital and they gave us great advice--keep the fluids going, Tylenol, and rest--and if her temp was in the mid-103s to bring her in. She slept so well last night and woke up feeling better--her fever finally broke in the early morning hours! Thank the Lord!! We were so thankful our little girl is back to herself today!

We are taking it easy today and watching Hawkeye football! Ryan has tickets--but he decided to stay home and keep resting--which was smart because it is raining cats & dogs today! Ryan did get us a game time treat--Buffalo Wild Wings! He always recommends this when either of us is sick with sinus infections because he says it will help since it is so spicy (I think he secretly just likes wings)!

Our Little Miss all ready to cheer on the Hawks! She didn't eat wings, but she LOVED the celery that came along with the meal--it is cold and she loves to chew on it to help her 3 teeth that are coming in on top!!