Saturday, April 30

Made my day

I don't know why, but I get a little star struck by weather people! Today the KCRG weather staff was at our local grocery store programming weather radios. The line was SO long, so I just walked to the front and did a "walk by" as my dad snapped these pictures! As we were walking out, one of the weather men (Joe Winters) was at Starbucks and he was so nice to let us take a picture with him.

Friday, April 29

Family Fun

Ainsley got her hearing aid late this week--she is doing great with it! Ryan and I have been hearing a lot about hearing loss--here is the hearing aid clinic room, so many tools available to help Ainsley! I'll post more pictures this weekend of her pink sparkly hearing aid.

Our family!

Our sweet girl!

Ainsley and her daddy!

Our guest room has come in very handy this week! We are thankful Ryan's parents were able to visit us this week! Ainsley is in love with her grandparents! Ryan's parents left this morning and my dad and Vicki arrived tonight. We are thankful to spend some time with them too. My dad got a new laptop tonight and I've never used an apple so this post is a bit out of order since I don't know how to copy and past on a mac! Have a good night!

Wednesday, April 27


Today was the big day of Ainsley's CT test! We woke up bright and early (5 am), so we could be at the hospital by 6:45 am. Our sleeping beauty!

I got very little sleep last night--I was worried for the worst outcome (her bones being fused). So I prayed and prayed...for strength to be positive and calm for Ainsley during this test. I prayed for the courage to handle the outcome of the test. I read this and thought it summed up today, "it is such a comfort to drop the tangles of life into God's hands and leave them there."

Our mighty God heard our prayers! The nurse came to get her around 7 am for sedation and she said, "she looks like a happy baby,can she sit still for 5 minutes"? Ryan and I looked at each other and thought she is active as all get out these days--but we said "yes"!

The nurse then took us to the CT room and 4 nurses quickly strapped Ainsley to the CT table (she had straps around her belly, chest, head). They had her wrapped up like a pea in a pod! They gave her a paci they dipped in apple juice (this was a BIG hit) and they threw on a protective jacket over me and another nurse so we could stay in the room with Ainsley during the test. They started the CT images and we were done so quick! She did amazing and didn't need to be sedated! The nursing staff was simply AMAZING! I am so grateful they took the time to try the test without sedation!

The doctor called in the afternoon and said her test was great--her bones were not fused! Praise God! He said her head was rounding out well (since we've been putting her on her tummy) and he said we'd keep monitoring it!

"Be strong and courageous, and act; do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God, my God, is with you." -1 Chronicles 28:20.

Tomorrow A gets her hearing aid! We are so thankful Ryan's parents are in town to help during all of these doctors visits and my dad and Vicki arrive Friday night for more family fun! We are so thankful for the good news today and family!

Tuesday, April 26

Happy Birthday!

This little girl is cheering for her daddy today who turns 33!

Sunday, April 24

Easter Weekend

Today Ainsley helped us greet at church--she helped me greet at the children's check-in area and she loved seeing everyone! I think she is going to be a people person! After church we went to lunch and Ainsley had some carrots--we always try to be neat when we feed her, but it always turns out a bit messy!

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21


A few random pictures on this Thursday!

Our neighbors gave us a gift card to our favorite BBQ restaurant--so yesterday we went there for dinner and had this for dessert! They taste just like mini funnel diet will start someday :)! Delish!

Ryan had asked to go back stage to meet Joel McHale when he was on campus recently--our friend Nellie was able to get his autograph for Ryan! How sweet is that! Thanks Nellie!

Guess who is sitting up! Ainsley loves sitting in the high chairs and being a part of the "conversation" at dinner! Ainsley has two levels of "talking"--loud and louder...wonder where she gets that from??!!

Wednesday, April 20

Goodbye Colds

Our little sweet pea was sick on Monday...another cold. Colds are not fun for little ones--lots of coughing and sleepless nights. But, she is on the mend! She was all smiles today when we dropped her off at school.

It could have something to do with one of her Easter presents--she loves chewing on things now, so this arrived just in time!

Sunday, April 17


Guess who is sporting a ponytail? A has inherited my crazy, wavy(mind of it's own) hair! So I was thankful today when we could tame those waves with a cute bow!

Saturday we went to a birthday lunch for our friend Becky--she picked Red Robin (love their burgers)! And she had 17 people come to lunch to celebrate! Notice Becky & Ainsley's matching white cartigans--very trendy!

Saturday night, we had dinner with four of our neighbors--it was a lot of fun spending time with them and getting to know them! Ainsley got to meet Chelsey--her two year old neighbor. Chelsey is very into stickers now--when we were changing A into her jammies when we got home, we found a few left over stickers!

All ready for church today--all smiles!

Friday, April 15

Friday "Fun"

Tonight we tried to check some things off of the "to do" list so we could have fun for the rest of the weekend. After work we went to get the oil changed at Theisens (a farm supply store). They have everything in this store--you can get your oil changed...

Find cute boots...

Drive a tractor...

Have fun with your dad (my little girl is in love with her daddy)!

Ryan and I watched Extreme Couponing the other night on TLC. We got really excited about saving money. I don't think we'll be saving hundreds, but we will get a free sub every now and then :)!

I send out my last Easter card tonight--with a week to spare :)!

Have I mentioned lately that she is such a joy to us?

I tried to get all of my house cleaning done tonight--cleaning floors, changing sheets, bathrooms, etc and...laundry. In the midst of all of the cleaning, I just kept piling the clean laundry on the least it is clean, I'll try to tackle that tomorrow!

Monday, April 11

Pink & sparkley!

Today we made the decision to move forward with Ainsley's hearing aid for her right ear. After receiving conflicting info from two different specialists--we met with the staff audiologist in the Hearing Aid Center at our university hospital. Shea has her master's and doctoral degree in audiology and explained some studies and the benefits of having a hearing aid for A's right ear despite her fully functioning left ear. She took a lot of time to explain our options and we trusted her opinion!

Ryan and I were still confused after learning all of this new info and then Shea plotted Ainsley's results on the computer and played us a "normal" hearing example and then Ainsley's right ear sample of the same conversation and I immediately teared up...the clear conversation transitioned to mumbled, gargled, soft sounds. That did it for us--we immediately said yes! And got A fitted!

Checking her ears to make sure the tubes are still in!

Taking an impression of her ear...

We picked out a pink hearing aid (she'll have this for 3-5 years) and the ear piece she will get up-dated regularly (we got pink and silver sparkles for this)!

Off to get blood drawn--every 6 months A does this to check her thyroid levels.
Today they drew from her arm instead of her foot--which she hates just as much, but she recovers quickly.

Our little trooper!!


This week, Ryan and I made the tough decision to step down from the board of directors at Christian Campus House at EIU after serving with them for 3+ years. It was such a difficult decision because we love the people and the work the ministry does for students at EIU. It is where we both grew in our relationship with God, met each other and developed strong friendships. We both felt that at this time we couldn't give 100% and with travel (4-5 hours) it wasn't best for our little girl who needs a lot of rest these days.

So this weekend, we took some walks--enjoyed the sunshine...and with all of the fresh air--little A got tired!

She celebrated 6 months of life on Saturday and we just had to get dressed up for that!

Today we take her in to get fitted for her hearing aid--we are thankful we are all well rested to take on this next challenge!

Wednesday, April 6

Bring on the dresses!!

It is going to be warmer today--so we dressed little A in a jean dress to celebrate today!

New bloomers with her name on it! The first time she wore these to church a little girl said--"Ainsley, Ainsley!"...and Ryan and I thought how does she know Ainsley? Well A had pulled up her dress to show everyone her new bloomers! Down the road we will have to teach her that is not lady like :)!

Monday, April 4


This weekend Ainsley did a lot of....



and playing (she was testing out her new suncreen hat for walks)!

Saturday, April 2

A year later

A year ago today, my sister and I lost my mom suddenly to a heart attack. I miss her just as much today as I did the night I got the call from my sister with the news. I am thankful that my mom lived a good life, loved her family and friends, knew the Lord, and got to meet her grandkids and knew that Ainsley was on the way--that made her so happy.

These are the two scriptures that my sister and I picked out for mom last year--we felt like they really spoke to mom's life-
"Most of all, let love guide your life." -Colossians 3:14

"Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him." --Colossians 2:7

Today Ryan, Ainsley and I went out to our local lake and had a picnic and took a walk. This was the same place that Ryan took me last year after we got back from the funeral and it was good to go back and just be in the fresh air.

At least one of the three Cohenours was smiling!

Ainsley took a lick of a lemon--she loved it and wanted more--but we had to cut her off at one lick!

Ainsley meeting the Chick filet cow!