Sunday, June 28

Week re-cap!

It has been a fun and busy week at the Cohenour house!
Ainsley got a new balance beam from one of Ryan's coworkers!
She's been practicing a lot!

Thursday we went to get a second opinion from another ENT. The first thing he said when he read Ainsley's medical records was high praise for her Iowa ENT. Long story short he recommended an ENT specialist, and Ains still has a 20% ruptured ear drum so we are keeping our Iowa appointment at the end of July.
After the apt we went out for chips and some ice cream for Ains.

Friday Ainsley had a field trip to Baylor!

She was SO excited!
She got to ride the Baylor bus and got a tour by BU students! She learned the Sic 'Em cheer!

Field trip lunch! 

Shopping fun-we didn't buy this but Ains wanted to pretend she was drinking this large coke!
A new friend! Ainsley loves the disgust character in Inside Out. She thinks she's cute and funny!

She fell asleep with her!
Sunday morning pancake!

Time for church!
I volunteered in Ainsley's Sunday school class today. It was fun to see her in class-she called me "teacher" :)!

Tonight Ryan and Ains went to see Inside Out! A great end to the weekend!

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