Wednesday, June 24

Baylor Hearing Impaired Pre-K!!

We got a call out of the blue yesterday from one of the faculty members at Baylor University.  She said there was a recent opening in their July Hearing Impaired Pre-K classes and they wanted to offer the opening to Ainsley!

Ryan and I talked about it last night because it takes a LOT of team work to get Ainsley back and forth to 2 pre-K programs, but end the end we couldn't pass up this opportunity for her!

Ainsley will start the 4 week pre-K program in mid-July.  She will be in a class with 7 other kids who have hearing impairments.  I am VERY excited for her to be friends with other kids who have hearing aids, implants, etc!  We get stopped frequently in the store or airport by others who have hearing aids, but they are always adults.  Last night at the grocery store a kind man was talking to Ains about her hearing aids.  He explained he gets his aids checked at the VA and was asking us about battery life, if wind affects hers, etc. We always love connecting with others who have hearing aids --but this will be EXTRA special to have kids to talk with.  Recently Ains said super heros don't wear hearing she notices--now she'll have some friends who wear them too!

The pre-K will focus on hearing and speech goals as well as parent education.  We are beyond thrilled for Ainsley to have this opportunity at Baylor University....especially when we are in such a confusing time with her hearing declining in her L ear.

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Angie said...

Shelby that's great news! How exciting for Ainsley!!