Sunday, February 28

This and that

Friday afternoon I took Ains to see her pediatrician for a referral to physical therapy. Ains has been having more frequent falls and is walking on her toes/the front of her feet a lot. She thought it would be good for another PT evaluation and recommend A see a podiatrist.
Friday night I went with my girlfriends to see all university SING. It was amazing!!
Saturday a shop I like was having a 75% sale-Ainsley had fun trying on a few things :)!
Working on her bike!
We met Claire and her mom Esther Saturday morning for some fun at the park!

Ryan and I are doing a little spring cleaning with our food choices! We are trying to eat at home more and fill up on more veggies!
Looks like this will be our standard meal this spring a lean meat with lots of veggies! 
Sunday I had my university 1000 class (first year students) over to our home.
We had taco night! Ains was my taste tester :)!

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