Monday, July 25


Ainsley went with me to a retreat Friday & Saturday! The retreat was for our first generation students beginning their college journey at Baylor-such a fun time! Ainsley got to spend some time with this sweet girl, Kalin! They became fast friends!
They kept busy during the activity time with drawing!
Ainsley got to sleep in the cabins-I got 3-4 hours of sleep...Ains woke up and said "that was the best sleep ever"!! I said, did we have the same experience?!?! Love her optimistic heart!
Ready for fun!
Zip line! A wanted to try this, but I was not ready for her to fly through the air!
We did go canoeing! She loves a good adventure!!
Ainsley loves to perform! She was sing a Taylor Swift song here!
Sweet girls!
Sunday A and I drove to Dallas for an early morning Drs apt. Ryan had to work and couldn't join in the fun. We had a good lunch, did a little shopping and then swam at the hotel!
Someone stayed up till late and was SUPER tired this morning-ha!! Ains is a trooper-it was a busy weekend!

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