Tuesday, January 26

Sunny weekend

Ainsley and Ryan had a date night Friday night.  Chili's has the balloon man on Friday night, it was a big hit with Ainsley!  She asked for a mermaid!

Larry & Linda arrived this weekend!  We got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather by doing some yard work!

Our little helper!

I LOVE this weather right now!

Sunday afternoon Linda & I went to a new hair boutique--it was fun to try out a new style!  It lasted for a couple of hours :)!

More outdoor fun!

Oh my! 

A fun game of washers in January!

Ains wore her Cinderella dress that Vicki got her! 

She wore practical shoes--so she'll be a comfortable princess today!

This was the welcome activity that Ainsley's wonderful teacher--Ms. Sarah had waiting for the kids when they arrived.  They each had mini graters--Ainsley loved it!  They grated cinnamon and ginger a few days ago!  Fun!

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Angie said...

How sweet!!! You all had a busy weekend. It's great that Linda is there with you all.