Sunday, January 17

Runaway Sugar!

Our Christmas decorations have been sitting in the garage for a few weeks-so today we planned to clean out the garage. Ryan was hauling the boxes up to the attic when all of the sudden Sugar climbed 11 steps up and was in the attic! She quickly ran into a crawl space and was deep in the middle of the house in the attic!
As I told Ains she said (1) call the ambulance and they will take her to jail....(2) 10 minutes into this drama she got board and said "can I watch Netflix", (3) she said I'll get the water spray! Very creative ideas Ains!
Long story short-Ryan had to go into the crawl space to get her...I had to get up in the attic too! We were SO thankful to get Sugar back on the ground! We learned our lesson-Sugar is a CRAZY, daring cat so we'll leave the stairs to the attic closed :)!

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