Monday, December 29

Driving home day 1!

Sunday morning we left my dad's house in Central IL and headed back home to TX. We had planned to take the southern route, but due to ice we had to change our plans! We loved seeing this familiar site!
Lunch break!
Arrived in Tulsa, OK at dinner time and we had a hard time finding a restraunt and a hotel...but Ains was enjoying seeing snow for the first time this season!
After a late dinner we checked into the hotel. Ains did not eat dinner because she was SO excited about swimming. She told everyone in the restraunt that she was NOT hungry!
Time to swim!
We were about to put A in bed around 10 pm and she said she was now SO hungry! We called down to the bistro and ordered a pizza! She ate three pieces!!!
And slept in until 8:15 am :)!

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