Saturday, February 11


Thursday morning we traveled to Dallas for Ainsley's doctors appointments at Children's.
I'm always amazed how Ainsley takes all things medical in stride. Wednesday she had to get blood work and they tried one arm and got nothing so they tried the other and she said no! She explained that they had their chance ;). Ryan had to help and explain why the doctor needed her blood. She holds her own, but understands.
The nurse asked Ainsley some questions during her vitals check-what is your name, who is with you today, what is your birthday.....Ains was going great until it came to the year. The nurse said what is your birth year and Ains made a face which conveyed she thought the nurse had lost her mind, she said "every year"!!! We all had a good laugh!
Ainsley's thyroid blood work was in range so no dose change but her ultrasound showed an enlarged thyroid and hyper blood flow to the thyroid. The doctor said her normal blood work should prevent the thyroid from growing and "well that's highly unusual"....but she didn't dive into why that could be occurring. We are concerned because it means her brain is sending signals to the thyroid to work and therefore it is in overdrive trying to work but her thyroid doesn't function. We'll get the images and send them to Mayo. They thankfully have offered to review all of her images and calculate thyroid volume and give us their opinion. 
We miss Costco! While we were in Dallas we loaded up on a lot of things from Costco!
This was one of our finds! Cute little bags of popcorn shaped like carrots. We ate it is a snack on the way home :)!

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