Monday, March 10

Our strong little girl!

This morning we went in for our genetic testing. We were told they needed a LOT of blood for the test. They needed the max amount for Ainsley and her size. 
The lady doing the test was worried about getting the amount they needed from Ains, she said "we'll try" and I said "I'll pray" and she said "I've already done that". I knew we were in good hands.
Such a sweet girl! I went first and Ains blew bubbles for me and next Ryan went and she held his hand.
Then Ains went and didn't cry...not one tear! This has never happened-ever! Ains has had blood draws almost every other month for a variety of things and there are always a ton of tears. Not today! We were SO proud of her!

They took all of our samples and they were going on the plane today! We should know the results in two months.
Ains got a rice crispy treat and was one happy girl!

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