Thursday, June 26

Mommy & Ainsley date night

Today Ains had a speech eval-after the eval we planned our fun date night since Ryan was helping with Baylor line camp this evening!
I let Ains pick our dinner and she wanted rolls/butter so we headed to TX Road House!
As I was taking Ainsley's picture and she stopped and said a quick prayer-so sweet!  That big sprite to Ainsley's left spilled ALL over about 2 minutes after this picture! Never a dull moment!
Next stop the museum! Ains picked out this treat from the gift store and we sat outside for a bit since it was such a nice night!
Back to the apartment for movie night! Toy Story 3 and popcorn!
Late tonight I bought this gem for our new dining room! A local antique store puts refinished items on Facebook every Thursday night and you call in if you want it! I am so glad I got this one for our new house!! And it was $325 cheaper than the other hutch I bought earlier this month!! I returned that one this weekend when I realized it was too expensive! Yea for bargains!

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