Thursday, April 17

Family Practice--thankful!

This morning Ainsley had her final appointment with her family practice doctor. Dan is a nurse at family practice and he is amazing with kids and families.  He told Ainsley today that she was his first baby that he helped to care for at the family practice clinic when she was born in 2010!
Ainsley & Dr. Thoma.  Dr. Thoma is my doctor and Ainsley's doctor.   I cried when we said our final goodbye today because the impact that she has had on our family is immeasurable!  She has been a constant source of encouragement and education over the past 4 years on our journey of parenthood!  We trust her 100% and she has cared for our Ainsley like she was her own.  I feel as though she saved my life.  She was the doctor who ordered my CT scan and discovered the hematoma and blood clots a few weeks after Ainsley was born.  Through both of my re-hospitalizations due to complications she was there and was a constant source of reassurance!  If you live in the Iowa City area we highly, highly recommend Dr. Thoma.  We will miss her immensely!  One of our questions today for her was how do we get a new doctor in Waco, TX on board with all of her medical history--we didn't want to overwhelm a new doctor.  She said, let me write them a letter.  How perfect is that!  Thank you Dr. Thoma!
We all got a good laugh when Dan checked Ainsle's blood pressure today.  She laid down and was so still while he checked her blood pressure.  She's had some practice at this!

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