Friday, April 11

Thankful-Endo & Audiology

The only moment of regret/fear about our move to Texas has been with setting Ainsley up with new doctors. I started making new appointments in TX for Ains and kept getting road blocks. We are SO thankful we've had such great doctors for Ainsley. Julie has been Ainsley's Endrocronologist nurse practitioner since birth. She is amazing. Anytime we thought Ainsley's throyid numbers were off we'd email her and she would order a blood test the same day. In Ainsley's first year we saw her every 3 months and now just twice a year. Ainsley's throyid numbers were off this past week-she was over medicated. Julie adjusted her daily dose and we go back in early May to check her levels. We are so thankful to know her!
Dr. Shea Becker has been an absolute blessing to our family. She's been with is every step of the way too. From all of Ainsley's sedated hearing tests to the scare with a profound loss when she was about 2 Shea has taught us about hearing loss and how to support our sweet girl. She helped connect us to a new ENT doctor in Dallas that we will see in late May and advocated for Ainsley to get a grant for a left hearing aid since we exhausted our insurance options with all of her hearing aid needs. At this appointment on April 4th we picked up Ainsley's new aid. We are thankful for Shea's steady guidance and positivity throughout the ups and downs over the past three years! 
Here's to hoping we make new connections with Ainsley's doctors in TX!  Ainsley is telling Ryan a knock knock joke here!
Happy Girl!

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