Thursday, April 24


I traveled to Texas today for an on-campus interview (Fri)!  I HATE to fly and this was my first solo flight in 14 years! With lots of prayer, some good reading materials and a good diet coke I did it!
Arrival into Dallas! I was so excited to see green! 
I'm hoping Waco has lots of green too!
I had a layover in Dallas and had to get tex mex!
At the Dallas airport they had a special waiting area for USO members! This nice gentleman was playing the banjo outside! I enjoyed listening to him.
Literally a 20 min flight to my new home Waco, TX!
Palm trees in TX!
I was able to tour the child development center we hope Ains will be accepted to...within 2 min of talking with the Director I wanted to hug her. She was talking about how the center uses research to make decisions about curriculum. She was so thoughtful and talked about how she has a heart for inclusion in the classroom.  We hope Ains gets in! 

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