Thursday, April 24

Neuromuscular Update

Tuesday we met with Ainsley's neuromuscular doctor for the last time before leaving Iowa. Clinical signs look great she is strong and active! 
Her doctor heard back from the Netherlands researcher-he needs more time (1-2 months), said he sees the deletion that extends into the FSHD region, but her case is "complicated". At least we are hearing consistent messages.
Miss Shelley Mockler-her PT was in clinic with Dr Mathews so we got to see her too! She thought Ains was making good progress, still needs good tennis shoes but no more inserts at this time! She has been so encouraging and caring to our Ainsley and our family. Ainsley get SO excited every time she sees Miss Shelley because she knows it is time to play! We will miss her!
A new do for our sweet girl!

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