Sunday, May 21

Traveling to MN

I took Ryan back to the ER for a second time last week-about 48 hours after his first visit. We couldn't control his pain. He kept vomiting up the pain meds due to the pain. They got him comfortable again and just told him to keep hydrated and try to pass the stone....5 days later he did (on Monday). Monday night his pain returned and by Tuesday he was vomiting again due to the pain.
I called the urology clinic and they said they had one surgeon on that day and he was in surgery. I tried to explain this isn't normal and Ryan needed help. The nurses caught the surgeon in between surgeries and he said to have Ryan get to the hospital. With in about an hour he was in surgery. He hadn't eaten since 12 noon the day before so they were able to take him right in. He had no stone remaining but a very rare complication where they connection from the kidney to the bladder closes off due to scar tissue due to the trauma of passing he stone. He placed a stint to try to let that heal. We hope that does the trick. Everyday he's feeling a bit stronger.  We decided he needed to stay home and rest-which he hated not traveling with us to MN, but he needs rest and time to heal. 
Ainsley misses her dad. She's been really worried about him.  Ryan was able to drive us to the airport Saturday morning.
She kept telling her dad she loved him and she was going to miss him everyday.
I got A and I new backpacks so we could tackle the travel with the two of us!
Ains likes her iPad to be at full power :), if it gets below 29% she has to charge up!
When I checked in on line Friday for our flight they offered an upgrade to 1st class for a reasonable price. I've never flown in 1st class but given all that was going on and the two of us traveling alone we went for it! Ainsley boarded the plane and promptly told the flight attendant that we were in first class!! I smiled and said likely the first and last time :)!
Ainsley always holds my hand on take off. She says don't be scared and she squeals with excitement. She loves going fast! Oh My Word-we loved first class!! They brought us a drink right as we got on and then once in the air a hot towel!
We had a flight under 2 hrs to Minneapolis so it was just a snack but we sure enjoyed it!!
We landed refreshed! Once we landed we had about 2 hrs of challenges but what is travel with out some ups and downs! It took us about an hour to rent a car once we finally got in the car and drove away the tire pressure light came on-I took the car back and exchanged it. We then dropped our stuff of at the hotel and went right to the Mall of America. The parking lots were full, valet was full too! I decided we'd grab dinner and then return. Ains had a complete melt down in the car. She was so hungry and she kept saying "I'm not in control of my emotion".  She was beside herself and I was hungry too. After lots of driving and prayer we found a place for dinner. We then went to target to pick up snacks for the week. Ainsley sang to American in the main aisle and then we went back to the hotel to take the shuttle to the mall.
We got on the shuttle at 7:20 and were at the mall by 7:25 pm! I told Ainsley we had 2 hours and she was on cloud 9! She told the van driver, Mr. Robert, to "go faster" because she was so excited! When another passenger asked her how fast she would like Mr. Robert to go she said "100 fast". She kept repeating this :), she had everyone laughing. I got some money for her to give Mr. Robert (who was a kind college age student) and a passenger said she's funny and she gives tips?!?! I told them the tip was to make up for her sassy back seat driving ;)!
I'm SO glad we had this night out together!
Pure joy! 

I'm glad I got a wrist band too because Ainsley wanted to ride Orange Crush 3 times!! It is the big roller coaster;)!

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