Monday, May 22

MN Day 3

We started out at 7:30 am with lab work. It took 3 staff members to help get the blood work-at times she does great and sits by herself in the chair and does her blood work. Other days (like today) she fights-but we got it done!
Ains got the perfect book from the book man while she was waiting in the lobby. Ains loves legos!
We met with two endocrinologists. They decided to up her dose a bit because her TSH was a bit elevated. Her thyroid is still enlarged but they didn't need to repeat the ultrasound since we just did one in February. Looks like will will just need to do that once a year unless it is growing rapidly.
We walked to Victoria's for lunch-Ains said it was the best ever!!
Love my girl!
Ains asked around for "power" ;)!
Afternoon-a 2 hr eye appointment! Long story short her eyes look great! Praise the Lord!! He mentioned rods and cones in the eyes and side vision-she could have some areas of darker vision but no eye problems!!
I promised Ains ice cream after her full day!
Dinner! After eating out for 3 days straight we are a little tired of we went grocery shopping for PB & J and other goodies to have a quick meal at the hotel once a day.  
Ainsley's cart was the perfect size!

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