Sunday, April 2

On the mend

I feel like we have been coughing for months! We finally went to the doctor this week and are on the mend. It is a combo of allergies and a horrible cold Ains picked up!
We are thankful to be feeling a bit better! Friday night we took A to see Boss Baby. We never take her to evening movies, but she was so excited about seeing it on opening day. It was cute!
Ains had an ENT apt mid week. Her one ear tube is still hanging in-we are keeping an eye on that ear. Her left ear has a clean perf. at 30% so it's holding steady.
They have flavored younger depressor so Ains loves going to this doctor ;)!
Ainsley has enjoyed building things lately! She loves to watch YouTube logo builds. I will find the most elaborate "structures" that she's build in her room. I'll take pictures next time!
This week we had a free food pantry for our students! A local pastor has a weekly food pantry for his church and he has established relationships with local food markets. He arrived early Wednesday morning with a truck full of fresh fruit and veggies and other goodies for the students. Food insecurity-not having access to healthy and regular food options is a concern for many in our community. I am thankful to be a part of this effort! 
Ryan has been wanting to take us to this new restaurant for weeks...literally he mentions it everyday!
It was very good!

 You can feed the fish! They we so small! Eventually you can fish there and they will cook what you catch!
A happy Ryan!

Ains could play outside all day! She loved playing at the snowcone place!

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Angie said...

Cute pics! I'm sorry you've been sick :-(. Dad will be so proud that Ainsley loves legos! ❤