Saturday, March 4

Disney-travel day!

Today we journeyed to Florida!
Quick lunch before the airport!
My travel buddy-Ains and I sat together and Ryan was one row in front.
We always hold hands on take offs and landings!
Ains loves take off!!!
First time to fly Jet Blue! They were great!
TVs for everyone-this really helped pass the time for Ains!
Ainsley kept randomly rubbing my back-when I asked her why she said "the car accident mom"! What a sweet girl!
We landed safely at sunset-thanks be to God!
Magic Express Bus!  
We met Brock (my nephew who currently lives in AZ) and had dinner!
We walked over to see my dad and Vicki!
Little Mermaids treasures!
Dad and Vicki bring enough snacks for a small army ;)! Ains dug right into the treats!
We walked back to our hotel for a good nights sleep!
I love these two!

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