Wednesday, December 14

Wordless Wednesday

Life has been so busy lately here are a few quick updates! A helped us at the Mission Waco Toy Store this year! This is such a great ministry for our city!
This girl is so fun to shop with! We had to pause in the store do she could rest her legs :)!
Our gingerbread house this year!
Ryan and me on a quick walk on campus-we are both trying to walk more!
Ains is rocking kindergarten-she was featured on announcements yesterday for knowing so many site words!
She also won this award!
Dressed up for Saturday night out!
A loves the jewelry store!
A mom at Ainsley's school told me her daughter asked for hearing aids for Christmas so she could be just like Ains-made my heart so happy!
That's a quick update-hope you all are doing well this Christmas season!!

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