Wednesday, December 21

Santa visited!

I have been a horrible blogger lately! My old app for updating my blog wasn't working and I switched to a new one that I'm not so fast at creating posts..I'll keep at it!
Ainsley's vocab is incredible these days! Today she told me I was being melodramatic...I had to laugh because she used it in the right setting. I was telling her no more sugar for the day!
Ains had a bad dream one night this week. I was getting ready for the day and was about to wake up A and R and found them like this-ha!
We dressed up one night this week!
My little helper-Ains loves making eggs!
We had a fun Christmas party with our life group from church!
The kids had so much fun together! 
The kids had lots to keep them busy-while the adults caught up on life!
So thankful for sweet friends!
Ains left these goodies for Santa! Things he can eat on the go ;)! He visited us a bit early this year since we are traveling on Christmas Day!

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