Thursday, December 22

On the road!

Our neighbors who are keeping an eye on our house while we are traveling stopped by to see us Wednesday-they joked that we needed a bigger car...thankfully it all fit, barely!
Wednesday was A's last day of school-it was jammie day!!
We have a 14 hour drive to IL-so we got as far as we could and then stopped for the night. 
This girl misses Steak n Shake! In Iowa we would go a couple of times a month.
Muskogee, OK! Ains loved the hotel room! 
Tired parents after a long day of travel!
We made crowns in the car!
Lambert' cafe! 
Ains missed the roll-it hit her in the head, thankfully they are soft.
Ains has been a good traveler today! Lots of movies and games in the car!

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