Thursday, December 1


What a whirlwind! We flew out of Dallas at 6 am Wednesday and headed to the big city for the tree lighting!
Little miss did so good on the plane! We flew Southwest and we love their 2 bags for free policy, priority boarding for families with small kids and good snacks! Such a great company!
They announced on the intercom about Angie and Graig's tree being the Rockefeller tree! So fun!
We all got up SO early we were all tired when we landed and a little scared-we had turbulence during the last half of the flight so on landing we held A's hands. Thankful for a safe flight!
Touch down! A was excited to be in NYC! 
Time to pick up the bags and hit the road!
We got in the taxi and Ains asked if we were in the back of a police car :)!
Car nap before arriving at the hotel!
We got to the hotel just a few minutes before the Eichler family arrived! Ains was so excited to see her cousin Ava!
Angie and Graig opening a present from the company who owns Rockefeller Center! 
VIP passes!
The three of us grabbed a snack at the NY Yankees restaurant!
Graig's mom and her best friend joined in the fun!
I said let's do a selfie...not a great view of the tree-but fun!
These two had a lot of fun together!
Sister fun!
It was starting to rain...thankfully we had a lovely dinner at 4 pm compliments of the Rockefeller company!!
Ang and Graig had to do a quick interview before dinner! These two have done an amazing job including their family, friends, their town and college into the fun of the tree!!
Dinner time!
Ava and her two sweet friends! Ainsley LOVED these girls! They ordered a sprite and A did too. They were so sweet with her!
Angie and Graig enjoying some down time before the big event!
Amazing food and service! We were well taken care of!!!
Their PR firm picked us up as took us to the tree lighting ceremony-more on that tomorrow! SO many pictures!!

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